Our USP is interactive innovations: ShowBox’s Clyde D'Souza

Our USP is interactive innovations: ShowBox’s Clyde D'Souza

The music channel from the house of IN10 Media Network was revamped last year.


Mumbai: The music channel from the house of IN10 Media Network is all set to conquer the music genre as it captures the pulse of the ‘naya’ India. In conversation with ShowBox VP – programming and strategy Clyde D'Souza, to understand the channel’s growth and upcoming plans...

Edited excerpts:

ShowBox was revamped last year. How has been the response, so far?

Since its launch, ShowBox has received an extremely positive response from young Indian audiences. In 2021, we decided to revamp the packaging to make the channel look sexy, young and energetic. Our promise to the viewers is ‘ek naya India ka naya music channel.' The channel caters to an India which listens to its heart and follows its dreams. The music, therefore, is Bollywood hits along with independent and regional - Punjabi and Haryanvi.

According to you, what is the USP of the ShowBox channel in the cluttered market?

Fortunately, Indian viewers are spoilt with choices, but what makes us stand out is our curation of music from across India. While our core remains Bollywood, India is seeing a change in music tastes and the rise of regional content consumption. ShowBox is happy to ride the wave of Punjabi and Haryanvi artists with dedicated music blocks like ‘Bamb Gaane’ and ‘Tau Ki Playlist.’ Our USP is also the innovative interactive shows that we have brought to Indian music television.

Your tagline is ‘Dil ki Sun,’ how are you connecting with today’s viewers?

Whether it's streaming or start-ups we are seeing India and Indians taking over the world from content to products. An outcome of young India following its heart and passion. Uplifting music, especially from their hometowns plays a big role in this and ShowBox is finding a huge connection with this ‘naya’ India.

What are the innovations that ShowBox offers to its viewers?

We all live in a hyperactive social media universe and we want our channel to also reflect this. ShowBox has various innovations like the duration timeline which helps a viewer know how much of a song remains. In addition, our show ‘Luv You Zindagi’ has questions regarding love which viewers can vote for in real-time and see their comments on air. 

With music now available on the go, what steps are you taking to keep the viewers hooked on?

As I mentioned earlier, we are a social media friendly channel. In keeping with this, ShowBox has dynamic Wikipedia-like trivia and Instagram photos with up-to-date information about artists that are showcased while the song is playing. Our show ‘Reel Top 10’ is a social media-driven countdown featuring Top 10 songs and Top 10 celebrity reels of the week. These constant innovations keep us trending with our viewers.

How is 2022 looking for the channel?

Now that we have seen viewers love ShowBox, we will continue to build on interactive innovations and soon a few more will be launched. In addition, we will also be giving new musicians a platform on ShowBox by creating and showcasing their original music. Stay tuned to ShowBox for a rocking 2022!