GUEST COLUMN: Digital marketing strategies to prepare for the festive season

GUEST COLUMN: Digital marketing strategies to prepare for the festive season

Brands pin their hopes on the upcoming season to bring back consumer demand.

Siddhartha Vanvani

Mumbai: If a year is like a film, then the festive season is the climax scene of the year! Consumers are all set to fill their online shopping carts with amazing offers this festive season. According to the consumer synopsis, the year 2021 will record a large number of traction from the non-metro sectors. So, the good news is that consumers will have a plethora of brands to explore, and e-commerce businesses will have lucrative sale opportunities this festive season.

Over 60 per cent of the global population is on the internet, and it is fundamental for online brands to plan and leverage the festive season campaigns for extra market gains. Regardless of the pandemic situation, influential digital marketing strategies have been proven efficacious in attracting the target audience. So, online brands can definitely leverage brand marketing and advertising tactics to stand out in the digitally revolutionised world and acquire more users.

Festive seasons allow marketers to run well-tailored strategies and campaigns which focus on increasing the brand value and maintaining a high ROI.

What Makes Festive Season Campaigns Exclusive?

Festive Season is a peak business time for brands because at this time of the year customers indulge in dramatic shopping sprees and spend lavishly. Amid all the jovial festive atmosphere, brands reflect similar emotions to their customers through discounts and bonanza offers in order to acquire users and boost sales. Holding to these specifics, marketing professionals frame best-performing digital strategies that compel consumer purchase action.

Guiding Analysis:

Before strategising a new marketing plan, it is essential to analyse previous performance. The analysis sheds light on:

●      Sales traffic information.

●      Top and underperforming products and services.

●      Ad performance.

●      Customer interest.

●      Landing page performance.

●      Web pages that lead to maximum conversions.

●      Channel that drives high user traffic/ engagement.

Best Performance Marketing Strategies for Festive Season 2021:

Customised Festive Emails (Email Marketing)

Email marketing is a promising and cost-effective marketing tool, especially during the festive season. Businesses can draft an occasion-themed email including personalised greetings, gift hampers, and vouchers to engage with the customers. Research shows festive emails are more likely to be opened and followed by a majority of customers.

Discount Offerings

While advertising products, businesses should add discount offers with creative ad copies and graphics to target users. Brands can promote festive vouchers and attractive CTAs, such as ‘limited period offer’ to attract buyers.

Festive Ad Campaigns (Google and Facebook)

It is crucial to promote ad campaigns via relevant and high-performing channels. The reason is that it increases the scope of brand visibility, lead generation, and user acquisition. So, boost ads to scale the reach and promote your communication digitally.

Seasonal SEO Implementation

Correct research of the festival-related keywords will guide the content to the top of the SERPs. Using high-ranking keywords eases SEO practices and drives more visitors to rise sales.

Festive-themed Video Marketing

Undoubtedly, video marketing has the best performance metrics over all other marketing categories. It is proven that well-planned video advertisement gathers three times more views compared to other forms of content. Plus, visual representation helps people connect better with the brand and its offerings.

Engaging Push Notifications

Push notification is a new and terrific performance marketing tactic. It is considered one of the best methods to keep users in the loop. As per the data, people interact five times better with push notifications than emails. Now, sharing updates, offers and announcements are easy with push notifications.

Deep Linking

Deep linking is by far the best redirecting method, in which app brands can direct their ads to the product landing page when clicked. This increases product page traffic and lets the customer engage with the targeted product efficiently within the app.

Festive Content Marketing

An image or video with relatable content stirs up the customers’ emotions to connect better. Relatable content urges viewers to share it among their social circle, increasing the brand’s visibility. And, content marketing holds that power where you can attract the audience with words.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are used in the middle and bottom-funnel to boost user conversion. These ads are product and service-centric and target users who are aware of the brand. 

(Siddhartha Vanvani is the founder & CEO of Digidarts. The views expressed in the column are personal and may not subscribe to them.)