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GUEST COLUMN: How effective social media campaigns can grow a business two-fold?

Mumbai: Social media has been enjoying its all-time high for quite a while now. The outbreak of the pandemic further accelerated its growth due to the rise in penetration and usage of the internet. Every organisation, no matter how small or big, took the digital route for its survival as it...

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GUEST COLUMN: Change of winds - The rise of Online Services in India

Mumbai: The Online Service industry is on a continuous upward path. This industry today contributes as much as eight per cent to the GDP of a fast-growing country like India. Online Services have always been there in the market but in the past two years, it has expanded massively to further sub-...

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GUEST COLUMN: Social media will play critical role in building brand awareness in 2022

Mumbai: As India continues to fight Covid-19 and Omicron, and people continue to fear venturing out, digital initiatives in both advertising and marketing will become more prevalent in 2022.

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GUEST COLUMN: Brand Positioning in FMCG sector is more than just good packaging, logos

Mumbai: The FMCG sector happens to be one of the toughest and volatile categories to succeed, often regarded as modern branding’s birthplace. The FMCG market in India was valued at $110 billion in 2020. The overall market size of FMCG had nearly tripled as compared to 2012. Furthermore, by 2025,...

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GUEST COLUMN: How D2C brands can level up their digital marketing game in 2022

Mumbai: In today’s times, Direct-to-consumer is an extremely exciting space, primarily because there are so many interesting brands coming up in multiple industry verticals. Right from food to technology to health and many others, there are home-grown D2C brands making it big while raising...

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