Wunderman Thompson reveals world’s most inspiring brands for 2022

Wunderman Thompson reveals world’s most inspiring brands for 2022

30 per cent of the 2022 Top 100 brands are new entrants to the listing.


Mumbai: On Friday, Wunderman Thompson revealed that Google, Apple, Samsung, and Amazon are the most inspiring brands in the world.

Wunderman Thompson’s proprietary diagnostic tool, "Inspire Score: Top 100 2022," proves that inspiring brands are able to grow their market share more quickly and charge a higher premium for their products and services than their competitors.

Wunderman Thompson’s Inspire Score is a proprietary diagnostic tool that measures a brand’s inspiration status and uncovers the brand attributes that fuel business growth through their ability to inspire people.

As per the report, Google once again takes the top spot as the most inspiring brand in the world today, while Apple, Samsung, and Amazon remain in the top four for the second year running, cementing their position as powerful inspiration engines thanks to their ability to place themselves at the centre of people’s lives -- and stay there.

Colgate has taken the fifth spot for 2022 as they strive to reimagine a healthier future for all people, their pets, and our planet.

Commenting on the report, Wunderman Thompson global chief executive officer Mel Edwards said, "As the world’s foremost researcher on inspiration, we have again proven that there is a strong correlation between inspiration and brand growth. The Inspire Score demonstrates how inspiring brands can drive growth in market share and command a price premium, which is increasingly important in the face of these changing economic conditions. The brands at the top of our list have shifted with the zeitgeist and placed themselves at the centre of people’s lives, perfectly positioning themselves to take advantage of inspiration as a powerful lever for growth."

"This year’s Inspire Score has taught us that a brand’s inspiration status and, therefore, propensity to grow, is highly dynamic. As the focus of people’s lives changes, so may the things that inspire them. Google, Apple, Samsung, and Amazon have once again scored highly given their ability to elevate consumers, make them feel like they’re making a popular, exciting choice, and motivate them to accomplish their goals, but 30 per cent of the Top 100 Most Inspiring Brands in the World for 2022 were not in the Top 100 last year. This reminds us that there is everything to play for when it comes to inspiration—these are metrics that brands can impact, thereby moving the needle on growth," added Wunderman Thompson global chief strategy officer Neil Dawson.

Other key insights from the study include:

    There have been strong gains for mobility brands such as Tesla and Uber as the world has opened up again post-covid, with a large number of automotive brands also featuring in the top 100.

    Social media brands have also seen gains, showcasing their role in animating people’s lives and social interactions, both physical and virtual. The inspiring power of brands such as Instagram and WhatsApp also continues to grow, with TikTok making the top 100 for the first time this year.

    Streaming brands continue to inspire, too. Netflix is now in the top 20, and Disney+ is a new entrant in the top 100, out-inspiring even its master brand.

    Impulse brands have done well, perhaps because life is becoming a bit more spontaneous again, and beer, spirits, and treats have all risen.

The Inspire Score: Top 100 was first launched in 2020 as part of Wunderman Thompson’s global brand study, Inspiring Growth, the world’s largest ongoing research project into inspiration. This chapter explores why brands need to be inspirational, how inspiration drives growth, and what brands can do to inspire their customers. Meanwhile, the annual list of the Top 100 Most Inspiring Brands in the World tracks and analyses the brands that are best at inspiring their customers, revealing how inspiration affects a brand’s ability to drive growth in market share and command a price premium.