Odisha's OTT platform, AAO NXT enchants audiences with exciting and original content

Odisha's OTT platform, AAO NXT enchants audiences with exciting and original content

The platform is slowly foraying into the Odia OTT market.


Mumbai: Kaushik Das’ love for technology inspired him to start his new venture, AAO NXT - the premium and most entertaining Odia platform, which is currently bringing a path-breaking change in the OTT market. 

The platform is slowly foraying into the Odia OTT market and offering audience ‘originals’ like never before. It is Odisha's first independent platform that aims at showcasing short films, web series, feature films and documentaries. “So far, the platform has 700 short films from across the globe and a bouquet of classic Odia films from the 60-70s era, which are streaming on the AAO NXT platform. We have 400 odd Telugu and Tamil films in our library,” AAO NXT’s chief financial officer Ram Patnaik tells Indiantelevision.com.

Having produced some of the most successful and marvelous shows on the streaming platform, Patnaik reveals that the home-grown brand AAO NXT has a diverse mix of content slate that is winning the hearts of the audience. The content portfolio of the platform builds a high level of excitement and entertains consumers in multiple ways with endless experiences and innovations ranging from thrillers, crimes, dramas and many more. Showcasing some interesting content slate like Club 69-a web series, “Ardha Satya”- an action drama film, and “Kokoli”- an award-winning Odia film, “Four” -a first of its kind Anthology, the OTT platform looks to embark on a new process of storytelling that allures viewers. Patnaik expresses the upcoming releases like “Capital Talkies”, “Jajabara 2.0”, Anthony -a web series, “Suka Bhaira Sholay”, Maliput Melodies-a web series, and Mandara: The Hibiscus is likely to provide audiences with some enticing storytelling. These new films and shows are expected by December 2022.  

AAO NXT means ‘All about originals’”, he says and reveals that the Odia entertainment and media industry has a dearth of original stories, and the objective of AAO NXT is to provide indigenous, exclusive and unique stories that can stimulate and delight the viewers. Patnaik sees a vast opportunity in the Odia market, he has confidence in exhibiting extraordinary storytelling to the audience, which can create wonders in the Odia OTT space. The content library of AAO NXT is exemplary and focuses on original storytelling, and is likely to nudge it further, irrespective of the language.

The growth prospects

Since its inception in 2020, AAO NXT has garnered the attention of a lot of viewers, pushing its revenue growth further. The platform is expected to touch a revenue growth of Rs 5 crore in 2022 with a 50,000 subscriber base. Patnaik added, “We are working currently on a complete subscription video on demand (SVOD) model. We expect to reach Rs 15 crore in 2023 in terms of revenue growth.” 

“We target to double our subscriber base. By December 2023, we expect to reach two lakh subscribers. The model will not only be SVOD, and the platform will explore advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) as well. So we expect considerable and significant growth in advertising revenue in the future,” he adds. 

To fascinate the advertisers, AAO NXT targets to add more original content, which will build trust and facilitate the growth of the platform. “The advertisers will show interest in advertising on the platform only if we create original content. The idea is to tell original stories in different languages. It is not restricted only to Odia - we are also venturing out into other languages. For instance, we will enter into the Bengali and Assamese markets, and capture them. We have plans to enter the Malayalam market to explore exclusive content. We have started from Odisha but will tell original stories from all across India,” Patnaik tells Indiantelevision.com.

Stream original content

Keeping in mind the burgeoning demand of audiences from across the world, AAO NXT is focusing on inspiring the audience with India-based original content. “There is an opportunity to stream Indian-based original content. We are streaming those stories on our platform, which are original, simple and easy to understand. Indian content has been appreciated by audiences from all across the world.”

His and Kaushik Das' vision is to make AAO NXT “the Netflix of Southeast Asia,” Patnaik says. “The idea is to scale up the operations and showcase a variety of content from across the world. Netflix is an inspiration because the platform is producing original stories day in and day out, year after year,” he adds further. 

He highlights that there are 4.5 crore Odia people and amongst this, 3 crore people are Internet savvy. “This is a huge number that we can cater to and showcase our original content pool. If we can cater to 1 crore of this number, we can probably meet the market requirements,” Patnaik adds at length.

Moreover, AAO NXT is ready for a new journey and bestows a complete entertaining basket to the viewers with its beautiful and contemporary content. The home-grown OTT platform will offer a superior and reimagined experience to the viewers going forward.