Mediker launches new campaign “Mediker On Juey Gone”

Mediker launches new campaign “Mediker On Juey Gone”

Mediker's new TVC uses 100% natural neem & coconut actives to remove lice in four weeks.


Mumbai: Mediker, an anti-lice treatment brand from FMCG major, Marico Ltd launched its new communication campaign - “Mediker On Juey Gone!”

Lice infestation is a common problem for most households with young girls aged six to 15 years. According to a recent study conducted by IMRB, lice affect over 37 per cent of urban households in South & East regions and is an even bigger hair concern than dandruff*. The concept behind the ad film originates from a common worry among mothers regarding lice affecting their children's hair, especially during school, at exam time & generally across Indian households, in hot and humid weather conditions.

*As per Kantar IMRB Rider study’2020.

The new communication attempts to educate consumers, that a mere lice comb is not enough to remove lice effectively. The conventional lice comb only targets the big lice, leaving behind small lice that stick to the scalp, inadvertently allowing further growth of their eggs and eventually new baby lice, which further become big and lay more eggs. Over time, this vicious cycle perpetuates, leading to a recurring problem.

To address this persistent challenge, Mediker a market leader in anti-lice treatment, offers a safe-for-kids, doctor certified solution# Its breakthrough formula contains 100 per cent natural actives - Neem & Coconut, designed to break the life cycle of lice in just four weeks^.

^Use Mediker every Sunday for four weeks for effective lice removal #Mediker is clinically tested and safe to use. Basis Clinical Study, 2023

Commenting on the importance of Mediker in the current context, Marico Ltd chief marketing officer Somasree Bose Awasthi stated, “Mediker's new TVC encapsulates our commitment to providing effective solutions that address real-life challenges faced by our consumers Powered by 100% Natural Actives of Coconut & Neem, Mediker promises to solve the persistent issue of lice by breaking the life cycle from within thereby bolstering children's self-assurance and overall well-being, something that is very important to every parent. We are thrilled to introduce this powerful solution that helps assure parents of their children’s well-being and nurtures healthy hair”.

The TVC will make its debut in Telugu and Bengali, catering specifically to the vibrant markets of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and West Bengal. Through this compelling and informative brand film, Mediker aims to raise awareness about the comprehensive approach to lice removal and establish itself as a reliable partner in every family's hair care journey.

Speaking on the brand film, MYO founder Deepa Geethakrishnan said, “In a functional problem solution category, the big creative challenge was to demonstrate the expertise of Mediker while keeping the story authentic and something the mothers can instantly relate to, but with a smile”.

Mediker is now available at all leading retail outlets pan India & e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart.