ITC Fiama highlights the importance of mental well-being in a fun way

ITC Fiama highlights the importance of mental well-being in a fun way

Rolls out a series of unique meme videos to initiate a talk.

ITC Fiama

Mumbai: ITC Fiama immerses its communication outreach in pop culture with "#FeelGoodWithFiama," a unique meme video series to help mitigate the stigma of mental health and therapy. The series was rolled out to mark World Meme Day on 12 November 2022.

Conceptualised by Brand David, ITC Fiama’s Feel Good with Fiama campaign aims to reach digitally savvy gen-z and millennials through the existing meme culture and motivate them to have constructive conversations about their state of mental well-being.



Memes have continued to be a constant in the fast-paced, dynamic lifestyle of young adults and have often served as a powerful way to cope with stress. The brand has repurposed iconic memes into meme videos showcasing real-life situations, providing a strong message on the importance of opening up and sharing their feelings.

Fiama takes the first step in making expert therapy and counselling more accessible and affordable through a virtual clinic in partnership with the MINDS Foundation. It encourages individuals to seek help in an intimate virtual space without fear of embarrassment or the prevailing stigma. The MINDS Foundation has specially put together a team of highly qualified therapists for this virtual clinic, thereby offering expert advice, therapy, and counselling at the convenience of one’s own privacy.