CoinDCX unveils Better Safe Than Worry campaign

CoinDCX unveils Better Safe Than Worry campaign

CoinDCX prioritised safe trading for 14 million users


Mumbai:  CoinDCX, a crypto exchange, is proud to announce the launch of its latest campaign "Better Safe Than Worry". In continuation of CoinDCX’s commitment to spread awareness and educate the Indian VDA investors about safety and security as they tread on their crypto journey, this 360-degree campaign will touch upon the various facets of safety and compliance through print ads, social media, blogs, and educational articles in media outlets.  

With the launch of Bitcoin ETFs, the upcoming Bitcoin Halving, and the positive market sentiments accompanying these events, CoinDCX recognizes the paramount importance of safety for investors. The campaign will run for several weeks and every week it will focus on rigorous safety measures in place, from robust AML/KYC practices to FIU registration.

CoinDCX has been working on solidifying its processes and compliance to ensure safety for every single transaction. “We have chosen the hard way to stay compliant and established strong KYC procedures for our users. When FIU-IND mandated Indian Virtual Digital Asset Service Providers to register and adhere to PMLA guidelines, CoinDCX became the first FIU-IND registered entity. Additionally, we have consistently published Proof of Reserves (PoR) since late 2022. The 'Better Safe Than Worry' campaign reflects on why 1.4 Crore Indians have chosen CoinDCX as their trusted partner in their crypto journey," says Mridul Gupta, COO of CoinDCX.

CoinDCX urges all investors to prioritize compliance-first platforms, ensuring a safer and more sustainable crypto journey. With unmatched user safety measures, steadfast adherence to regulations, and a dedicated support system, CoinDCX stands out as the preferred choice for investors seeking a secure and forward-looking crypto exchange in India.