Piramal Pharma Ltd (PPL) launches new campaign for ‘Polycrol’

Piramal Pharma Ltd (PPL) launches new campaign for ‘Polycrol’

The campaign features their brand ambassador Jisshu Sengupta.

Polycrol family

Mumbai: Piramal Pharma Ltd’s consumer products division (CPD) announced the launch of its new digital campaign for 'Polycrol,' its trusted antacid brand, featuring actor, Jisshu Sengupta as the brand ambassador. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Polycrol's journey to redefine the narrative surrounding digestive wellness.

With a rich legacy spanning over four decades, Polycrol has earned the trust and confidence of millions, establishing itself as the go-to solution for those seeking quick and long lasting relief from acidity. Available in a mint and orange flavor, Polycrol is one of India’s leading liquid antacid brands, and is amongst the top 3 in Eastern India, including West Bengal, Assam and Odisha. It is also available in chewable tablets form.

The campaign's central narrative revolves around a relatable scenario featuring Jisshu Sengupta as a corporate professional constantly prioritizing work over meals, leading to an inevitable encounter with acidity during a crucial presentation. In an era marked by fast-paced lifestyles and erratic eating habits, the campaign emphasizes the brand's reliability and effectiveness in providing timely relief, highlighting its role as a trusted companion in moments of need. Its high action formula starts action in 10 seconds and its highest ANP (Acid Neutralizing Potential) keeps a person relieved for long period of time.

Commenting on this collaboration, Piramal consumer products division CEO Nitish Bajaj said, “We are pleased to welcome Jisshu Sengupta into the Polycrol family. His authentic connection with the people of Eastern India and his widespread appeal aligns perfectly with our brand's ethos of trust and reliability. Given his deep resonance with our objective, we look forward to an incredibly fulfilling association.”

Indian actor, producer, and television presenter Jisshu Sengupta expressed, "As someone who understands the importance of balancing a hectic schedule with proper self-care, I am happy to represent Polycrol. The brand has made significant strides in its commitment to redefining digestive wellness, and I look forward to contributing to its journey of providing relief and comfort to millions across the region."

Aligned with its dedication to innovation and consumer satisfaction, the campaign aims to underscore Polycrol’s superior efficacy in providing quick and long-term relief from acidity and positions the brand as the ultimate solution for individuals leading busy lifestyles.