82.5 Communications helps bring alive PhonePe SmartSpeaker

82.5 Communications helps bring alive PhonePe SmartSpeaker

Features Amitabh Bachchan’s iconic voice.


Mumbai: PhonePe has just redefined real-time voice payment alerts, with the launch of a first-of-its-kind celebrity voice feature on its SmartSpeakers in collaboration with Indian actor,  Amitabh Bachchan. Instead of the automated payment confirmation message while shopping, shoppers and merchants will now hear the treasured voice of Bachchan. Part of PhonePe’s Golden Voice Project, this is an innovation that is set to delight every Indian.

Bringing this idea to life is 82.5 Communications, an advertising agency that is known for its ‘Ingenious Indian Ideas’. The 82.5 team recognized the transformative power of Bachchan’s voice and set out with one goal in mind – to ensure that the iconic intonation, baritone and style of Bachchan reaches every Indian through the SmartSpeaker. To do so, the team delved deep into the charming personality and various nuances of Bachchan. And then worked extensively with the man himself, collaborating with him to deliver the unique messages in his unmistakable style    

Commenting on the 82.5 x PhonePe collaboration for the Golden Voice project, PhonePe brand marketing & director Ramesh Srinivasan said, "The intent was to change the way merchants get their payment alerts, reminders and other notifications. We are glad to have 82.5 Communications partner with us on this. They were able to lend their ingenious touch to the existing prompts and turn it into something magical, in a manner that every merchant and customer shall now feel and hear Mr. Bachchan’s presence in every part of the country.”

82.5 Communications COO Mayur Varma said, “PhonePe SmartSpeakers speaking in electronic voices were going to get a massive voice upgrade. Big B was bringing in his baritone, and we got the opportunity to set the tone of voice that was uniquely PhonePe. Henceforth, there will be a clear distinction between PhonePe SmartSpeakers and the ‘rest of them’.”

82.5 Communications – South executive VP & branch head Naveen Sharma said, “This is a cracker of a collaboration. What a lovely way to be present in every nook and corner of the country and interact with the consumer day in and day out, that too through the most celebrated voice in the country. We at 82.5 Communications are thrilled to have partnered with PhonePe in creating this.”

82.5 Communications – South executive creative directors Sangeetha Sampath and Ravikumar Cherussola elaborated on the process, “We wanted every merchant and customer to truly feel Mr. Bachchan’s unique intonation and baritone. Just like every Indian, we are huge Big B fans too. And that is what set the goal for us to bring alive the iconic style of Mr. Bachchan to every Indian through the PhonePe SmartSpeaker.”