Were you writing off ALTBalaji’s Gandii Baat? Here’s why you should not!

Were you writing off ALTBalaji’s Gandii Baat? Here’s why you should not!

Gandii Baat

MUMBAI: ALTBalaji, India’s leading homegrown OTT platform, once again proves that no one knows Indian audiences better. On the back of some highly engaging mass content, the OTT platform is once again making headlines for one of its most spoken about originals, Gandii Baat. The highly-watched web-series has earned a cult following amongst the masses for its depiction of stories revolving around the reality of social stigmas and mental taboos associated with sexual preferences inspired by incidents from the heartland of the country. Its 4th season, done in association with ZEE5, was launched in less than 2 years of its inaugural season and is testimony to its popularity and how largely the show is being consumed by the audiences across the globe. To be precise, the web-series attracted 22% views from global audiences whereas the show earned a place in the heart of the Indian audience with a staggering 78% of views coming from this respective demographic. Its controversial content has struck a chord with the ladies as well, with an unprecedented 24% of the viewership pie belonging to women, a number that grows by 10% with every season.

The web series is one of the ALTBalaji’s most-watched and appreciated series which has, in no time, created many milestones. Offering viewers content that is not only new but also engaging and intriguing novel, the show has witnessed a massive completion rate of 78% across seasons. Apart from talking openly about the issues which are brushed under the carpet often, Gandii Baat breaks another perception that the show is only consumed by people coming from a lower middle-class background. Viewers with high-end devices (Apple+ Connected devices) who watch Gandii Baat are 18.5% and this number has seen an 8% incremental growth each season. 

While ALTBalaji caters to audiences across ages, viewership figures further reveal that Gandii Baat audience base comprises of 86% in the 18-35 years age bracket that strongly translates into audience that is young, savvy and has a higher wallet share.

Nachiket Pantvaidya, Group CEO, Balaji Telefilms and CEO, ALTBalaji said,  “Exceeding expectations of the entire team as well as audiences around the world, the series has gone on earn such a massive fan following that today, if there is a name synonymous with erotic web content, it would have to be Gandii Baat. Pushing the envelope in every season, the core in each of our stories is leaving a lot of room for one's imagination. Enjoyed by audiences around the globe, both young and old, as we offer a new take with every season by depicting the myths and beliefs of rural India, we shall continue to do so and present content in a bolder avatar with a fresh take on situations.”

The franchise, Gandii Baat has been breaking stereotypes while highlighting certain facts and topics which no one bothers to address. The show looks at all such taboos pertaining to sexuality, desire, consent from a modern lens while bringing the flavour of rural India.