IN10 Media Network celebrates the eighth anniversary

IN10 Media Network celebrates the eighth anniversary

IN10 Media Network was initially established on 19 November 2014.


Mumbai: On 19 November 2014, an EPIC idea was born: a television channel that recast the yardsticks of the entertainment industry, and the barometers for content underwent a paradigm shift.

The vision that gave birth to the idea and continues to fuel its drive is to build premium, disruptive, content-driven businesses that span geographies and demographics while retaining an Indian ethos at their core.

In the eight years since, IN10 Media Network has strategically invested across the relevant business verticals, with interests spanning broadcast and digital entertainment, technology, digital and production, and gaming, embracing the rapidly transforming, technology-enabled, increasingly digital macro-environment.

Speaking on the channel's anniversary, IN10 Media Network managing director Aditya Pittie said, "We live in very exciting times, where opportunities abound and provide for immense flexibility and variety in choices, allowing for decision-making that can be custom tailored for the scale and size the business model demands. That also brings with it the challenge of great ambiguity and volatility, and the accompanying risks, in an extremely connected and co-dependent marketplace, as has been evident through the pandemic times. To stay rooted in the present while making giant strides into the future, taking along with us all our stakeholders, remains the cornerstone of this extremely fulfilling journey."

As the network nurtures and expands its broadcast offerings—Ishara (general entertainment channel); EPIC (infotainment channel); ShowBox (Hindi music channel); Gubbare & Filamchi Bhojpuri, (kids and regional movie genres)—it is strategically scaling its digital platforms, EPIC ON and DocuBay.

Simultaneously, Juggernaut Productions is consistently creating landmarks in the fast-growing digital OTT landscape, as the network strengthens its content offerings with the incubation of a vertical producing movies for theatrical and digital release. Its first venture in sports-tech and live streaming is to explore new territory and rapidly scale new heights.

In a world growing more hungry each day for entertainment and having the means to satiate this hunger, IN10 Media Network has laid firm foundations as it galvanises its resources to forge ever forward, pioneering and persevering.