ABP News leads CTV viewership on counting day: Chrome Digital Track

ABP News leads CTV viewership on counting day: Chrome Digital Track

Fueled by this achievement, ABP News remains committed to top-notch journalism.

ABP News

Mumbai: ABP News, renowned for its unwavering credibility and extensive coverage, reaffirms its media dominance by securing the highest unique viewership during the pivotal period of counting day on 3 December, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Recent data released by Chrome Digital Track underscores ABP News's standing as the top choice for viewers seeking comprehensive and reliable coverage across various connected TV platforms.

The comprehensive data, gathered across diverse operating systems including Cloud TV, Tizen, Vidaa, Roku, WebOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and YouTube, highlights ABP News as the preferred destination for news consumption. During this critical time frame, ABP News garnered an impressive 4.5 Lakh unique viewers across connected TVs (Market - HSM, NCCS 15+), solidifying its position as the go-to source for breaking news and in-depth analysis.


ABP News has successfully established itself as the primary destination for news consumption across a spectrum of platforms. Its availability on popular operating systems underscores the network's commitment to reaching a wide audience. This widespread accessibility significantly contributes to ABP News's unparalleled viewership on connected TV platforms, cementing its status as the most trusted news source among numerous channels.

Driven by this remarkable achievement, ABP News remains committed to offering top-notch journalism, delivering up-to-the-minute updates on diverse global topics to its audiences. As it continues to lead in providing comprehensive coverage, ABP News aims to uphold its standard of excellence in delivering news that matters.