Zee Marathi embarks on a transformational journey

Zee Marathi embarks on a transformational journey

Unveils a vibrant new identity.

Zee Marathi

Mumbai: The words Mi Marathi Zee Marathi evoke a deep emotional connection with Marathi viewers, stirring feelings of pride, joy, and love, with a strong sense of Maharashtrian culture and family ties. This profound bond is celebrated through the channel's new look, which embodies a fresh and vibrant representation of Maharashtrian traditions with a focus on growth and transformation. The refreshed packaging embodies dynamic energy, cultural richness, and joyful symbols honouring Marathi heritage through the Sonchafa flower.

With changing market trends and consumer preferences, the channel has refreshed its approach to content viewing that resonates with today's audience of all age groups. It is the only channel in the Marathi General Entertainment Channel (MGEC)  flourishing alongside high-impact sports properties. This success speaks volumes about content quality and appeal. In the past six months, innovatively designed non-fiction shows like 'Jau Bai Gavat' drove a 41% increase in the original slot viewership, and a significant 12% increase in Time Spent Viewing (TSV), alongside the launches of new fiction shows 'Paaru', 'Shiva', 'Navri Mille Hitlerla', and 'Punha Kartavya Aahe' marking a growth journey. Extensive consumer work guided the creation of new content tailored for Maharashtrian households, revealing a progressive mindset among viewers. Zee Marathi aims to inspire, particularly women, to shape their destinies. Existing and upcoming shows reflect this diversity in characters, concepts, and narratives.

ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. chief cluster officer for South & West Sinu Prabhakaran shared his enthusiasm for the channel's refreshed look. He expressed, “Zee Marathi has garnered significant admiration over the past two decades among the viewers, resonating deeply with their socio-cultural values and portraying stories that mirror their everyday experiences. Our fresh narratives and characters are tailored to connect with the modern woman, who is embracing a new perspective, broadening her horizons, and finding a deeper sense of purpose. This essence is beautifully encapsulated in the new look of the channel.”

Zee Marathi & Zee Kannada chief content officer Raghavendra Hunsur, expressed, “Our commitment to ground-breaking content shines through our recent successes. 'Jau Bai Gavat' marked a pioneering move into the Marathi space, resonating deeply with viewers. By strategically scheduling 7 days of original fiction during IPL, we not only boosted viewership but also stood out in the industry. Our prime-time content line-up refresh has kicked off with 4 launches in FY24- Q4 - 'Paaru', 'Shiva', 'Navri Mile Hitler La', and 'Punha Kartavya Aahe' and they have received great buzz and audience response. On the back of the refresh, we are excited to announce 2 more new shows 'Lakhat Ek Amcha Dada' and 'Drama Juniors', promising a fresh and diverse viewing experience."

Zee Marathi chief channel officer V. R Hema added, “To fortify consumer love, we initiated a content transformation, delivering on our promises to viewers before reinforcing the shift with our brand's refreshed look. Content depth and execution excellence drive our engagement strategy, guiding our journey to growth. As the sole channel in MGEC to increase GRPs and market share despite the peak cricket season challenge, we take pride in our new line-up's appeal. The channel's refreshed appearance reflects our commitment to delivering innovative, aesthetically pleasing content, fostering a deep connection with viewers, and embodying the spirit of 'Mi Marathi, Zee Marathi'."