Noise sees 4x surge in sales on quick commerce this Father’s Day

Noise sees 4x surge in sales on quick commerce this Father’s Day

Noise remains the top choice for customers selecting tech gifts for their loved ones.


Mumbai: Noise, a connected lifestyle brand, witnessed a remarkable surge in sales this Father's Day. Consumers' strong preference for Noise’s celebrated products across smartwatches and audio led to an impressive 4x increase in sales through quick commerce platforms and a 1.6x rise on its own website. Noise has consistently been a leading choice for wearables, and this surge further substantiates this, elevating its position as the preferred brand when sharing advanced tech with loved ones ensuring their well-being.

Father's Day has provided an ideal opportunity for customers to purchase gifts that combine technology and style, making it a perfect gift to ensure fathers' well-being. Moreover, it reflects the level of trust the customers have placed in the brand. Noise reinforced its leadership in Quick Commerce while underscoring its rapid growth. The overwhelming response on quick commerce hints at customers seeking convenience, and how it caters to their requirements seamlessly at the eleventh hour.

Noise’s collection of smartwatches and audio products stood out during this Father’s Day, appealing to customers with their blend of cutting-edge features and varying use cases. From monitoring health metrics, and enabling BTcalling, to providing seamless auditory experiences, the products including Noise ColorFit Ultra 3, Noise ColorFit Icon 2, Noise ColorFit Thrive, Noise ColorFit Pro 5 Series, Noise Buds X Prime, Noise Buds VS102+, and Noise Pure Pods, respectively catered to consumers’ choice and hence the spike in sales during father’s day. The success of the initiative underscores the brand’s versatility to meet the dynamic demands of its consumers.

As Noise continues to celebrate its market leadership, the brand reaffirms its dedication to democratizing technology and delivering high-quality products that resonate with a diverse audience. The success of the Father's Day campaign exemplified how Noise has been providing technological solutions to cater to one’s lifestyle needs.