“Wiz Films will always venture into new creative formats”: Wiz Films’ Viraf Sarkari

“Wiz Films will always venture into new creative formats”: Wiz Films’ Viraf Sarkari

Our primary focus lies in identifying exceptional stories and well-crafted scripts.

Viraf Sarkari

Mumbai: In today's dynamic entertainment landscape, the art of storytelling takes myriad forms, capturing hearts and minds across cultures and generations. Diverse content creation has become the heartbeat of modern narratives, where stories unfold in multifaceted ways—from riveting films and immersive series to innovative formats that challenge conventions.

Amidst this vibrant tapestry, Wiz Films emerges as a beacon of creative brilliance, driven by a mission to craft distinctive content that establishes meaningful connections and resonates with a diverse global audience. Wiz Films, driven by a deep commitment to storytelling, thrives on captivating imaginations through innovative technologies and diverse formats. Beyond films and series, they offer line production, film liaison services across regions, and content syndication. As it ventures into filmmaking, Wiz Films aims to become a global production powerhouse, delivering entertaining and valuable content for audiences, and create value for stakeholders.

Indiantelevision.com in conversation with Wiz Films director Viraf Sarkari delved deeper into Wiz Films’ inception, its target audience, the inspiration behind the latest film 'Kadak Singh', and more…

Sarkari, a dynamic professional and prominent figure in the entertainment industry, stands as one of the co-founders of Wizcraft and serves as a director of Wiz Films. He has produced and directed Broadway-style musical productions like Zangoora, the world's largest and longest-running Bollywood musical, and Jaan-e-Jigar in Dubai Parks & Resorts. As a seasoned producer and director, Viraf has orchestrated global sporting opening and closing ceremonies, mega concerts with renowned artists, and film award ceremonies. Currently, he has expanded his horizons to produce and direct innovative content for OTT platforms and cinema releases, involving ventures such as web series, docu-series, feature films, ad films, and music videos. His diverse portfolio underscores his influential role in shaping the landscape of entertainment on a global scale.

Edited Excerpts:

On the inception of Wiz Films

Wiz Films was conceived as a natural progression in our three-decade-long journey in the entertainment and live events industry. With 36 years of experience in organising diverse formats such as corporate events, parties, award functions, concerts, and musical and theatrical productions, Andre, Sabbas, and I sensed the opportunity to extend our expertise to film production. This expansion marks a significant milestone for us, completing the circle of our journey in the dynamic world of entertainment.

On Wiz Films setting itself apart from so many production houses in terms of storytelling and content creation

Wiz Films distinguishes itself in the realm of storytelling and content creation by focusing on the essence of meaningful cinema. While we acknowledge our presence in the industry, with just one film to our credit, we refrain from drawing direct comparisons with other production houses. Our primary goal is to craft compelling narratives inspired by true events, striving to deliver impactful and high-quality films that resonate with audiences. At Wiz Films, our commitment lies in bringing forth the best stories to the world, contributing to the cinematic landscape with authenticity and purpose.

On Wiz Films having a niche genre or specific audience that it primarily targets, or is it more about universal appeal

Wiz Films strives itself on exploring a diverse range of genres to cater to a broad audience. Whether it's a compelling family drama, a gripping murder mystery, a laugh-out-loud comedy, an adrenaline-pumping action film, a quirky and unconventional movie, or a heartwarming romantic story, we are open to it all. Our primary focus lies in identifying exceptional stories and well-crafted scripts. The key criterion for us is a narrative that stands out and has the potential to captivate audiences. We prioritise uniqueness, steering away from current trends to bring fresh and engaging content to audiences across the world.

On any new genres or forms that Wiz Films is keen on exploring in the near future

Wiz Films will always venture into new creative formats. We are exploring the possibilities of adapting our Broadway-style Bollywood musical production “Balle Balle” a big fat Indian wedding.

On the inspiration behind 'Kadak Singh', and Wiz Films seeing this film contributing to the current cinematic landscape

Kadak Singh was conceived 12 years ago, and after a dedicated six-year production effort, we successfully brought it to fruition. The primary focus throughout this journey was crafting a unique and compelling script, which we believe sets the film apart. Contributing to the current cinematic landscape, Kadak Singh stands out as a multi-genre experience—blending elements of family drama, crime, romance, and comedy. The film's distinctiveness lies not only in its diverse genres but also in its well-crafted screenplay. Overall, Kadak Singh offers a fresh perspective, enriching the cinematic landscape with its innovative approach.

On Wiz Films approaching the production of diverse content, such as web series, docu-series, feature films, ad films, and music videos

Wiz Films adopts a tailored approach to producing diverse content, spanning web series, docu-series, feature films, ad films, and music videos. Each genre is handled by a dedicated team of specialists, ensuring a focused and nuanced execution. For instance, when working on a docu-series, we enlist a director with expertise in that specific format. The same principle applies to web series, feature films, ad films, and music videos, where teams are curated based on their proficiency in the respective genres. This strategic allocation of specialized teams allows Wiz Films to deliver high-quality and targeted content across a spectrum of creative formats.

On your film liaison services across India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, are there any collaborations or partnerships on the horizon that audiences should be excited about

Currently, we are working on a project which is an exciting Indo-Bollywood collaboration tentatively titled “Children of God”. With this project we will explore to leverage the technical expertise and creative talent from both Hollywood and Indian Cinema, presenting a unique and ground-breaking production. As technology advances rapidly, our goal is to stay ahead of the curve. We envision creating interactive films and embracing emerging trends such as VR movies, 3D, and 360-degree experiences.

On Wiz Films' future plans and aspirations, including any new market entries or the exploration of emerging trends in the entertainment sector

Wiz Films has a clear vision for the future, focusing on creating captivating films with global appeal. As technology advances rapidly, our goal is to stay ahead of the curve. In our strategic planning, we are exploring the integration of technology and creativity. By constantly updating ourselves with the latest technology, we aim to position Wiz Films as a leading force in the industry, where the world becomes our stage. Our commitment is to remain current and innovative, ensuring our films resonate with audiences globally.