Trackier soars in FY 2023: 25 per cent employee growth, 500 new clients

Trackier soars in FY 2023: 25 per cent employee growth, 500 new clients

In FY 2024, the company doubled its headcount since 2016, marking a significant milestone.


Mumbai: 2023, the year where B2B startups struggled to maintain a steady pace in business, an India-based bootstrapped startup Trackier summed up financial year 2023 with 25 per cent rise in headcount growth, and registered 500 new clients including D2C brands, ad networks and agencies. In November 2023, the company clocked its seven years with an offsite celebration in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Marking the beginning of FY 2024, the company announced several announcements including its headcount doubling since its inception in 2016. This is a remarkable achievement for a non-funded company, especially during times like this, with volatile market conditions. Trackier was able to unlock this achievement owing to its core ideology centered around customer satisfaction, which is reflected in the company’s unparalleled customer support and its feature-on-request model which is a novelty in the B2B startup landscape. 

What's Trackier's secret to achieving year-over-year growth since 2016?

It all comes down to the fact that Trackier has figured out the secret sauce of B2B success, and that is making their customer a ‘king’. For the past seven years, the company has worked relentlessly towards offering top-notch experience to their customers with a technology-powered platform that is intuitive, user-friendly, and at the same time efficient.

Also, Trackier’s strong network with technology providers helps them ensure seamless integration with their clients’ existing marketing tools, maximizing the effectiveness of their affiliate programs.

Currently, Trackier is integrated with over 150 third-party platforms via API, including Salesforce, Shopify, Flipkart, WooCommerce, Rakuten, MoEngage, and many more.

“It's impossible to single out one or two individuals for this success.  The entire Trackier team has played a vital role in our growth, just as every cog in a machine ensures its smooth operation. 2023 hasn’t been a straight line for us - we saw our fair share of challenges. Of course, we weren’t untouched by the economic environment, but I believe the time was kind to us. I am utterly grateful to our team, my friends and partners Udit Verma, Hemant Mann and Mukul Kaushik, for standing together no matter how rocky the road ahead is,” said Trackier CEO & co-founder Faizan Ayubi.

What’s more at Trackier?

Recently, Trackier elevated Mukul Kaushik, from VP-sales to chief Revenue Officer, on account of his exceptional performance in the fiscal year. Under his leadership, the company grew five times in terms of revenue and expanded its client base across performance marketing, mobile marketing, and the iGaming product directory. He also expanded Trackier’s footprints in Brazil, Africa, and Nigeria with the help of local resources and set up two new offshore entities in the UAE and Singapore under his leadership.

On the product side of things, the company is all set to soft launch its novel iGaming platform for iGaming brands and operators in the European and American markets. This fiscal year, Trackier is also working towards expanding its market hold as an MMP provider in the South East Asian region.