Goafest 2024: Adapt to thrive not just survive

Goafest 2024: Adapt to thrive not just survive

This year's Goafest ignited the creative spark and empowered people.

Harit Nagpal

Mumbai: This year, Goafest has adapted to new horizons, bringing the 17th edition of the festival to the vibrant city of Mumbai.

As they celebrated numerous ground-breaking ideas, they rose a toast to adaptability - the key to success in their ever-changing world. From diverse view-points to cutting-edge strategies, set amidst the serene backdrop of Powai Lake, this year's Goafest ignited the creative spark and empowered people to navigate the exciting unknown.

In the first session presented by News 18 Network, titled Adapt To Thrive Not Just Survive, Tata Play managing director & CEO Harit Nagpal emphasised the importance of adaptability as a key to thriving rather than merely surviving. In a captivating speech that left the audience both thinking and inspired, laden with anecdotes, the keynote speaker emphasised the inevitability of disruption in our lives and the critical importance of resilience in the face of it. "Disruption can be caused by anything or anyone, but it becomes our responsibility to survive and thrive," he asserted! He then discussed Business Continuity Planning, a strategy used in the 2000s, designed to address both expected and unexpected scenarios, and its relevance to COVID-19.

He then moved on to highlight the surge in digital interactions, including video calls and remote work, which have become the norm. The pandemic, he noted, disrupted traditional office setups but ultimately led to more flexible and efficient work arrangements.

He also revealed that a significant and growing proportion of Tata Play's customer base is now opting for digital recharge options, marking a notable shift in consumer behaviour. This trend is reflected in the company's increasing market share, as more and more customers embrace the convenience of virtual recharges. In a nod to the rapid pace of innovation, he declared, “Disruption is the new norm.” From the worldwide web to AI, each breakthrough is shrinking the gap between disruptions, and we're just getting started.

His parting words, “Either you disrupt, or someone else is going to do it for you, and the best time to do it is when you feel the most comfortable!” left an indelible mark!