Weekend Unwind with: Deep Mehta, co-founder of DigiChefs

Weekend Unwind with: Deep Mehta, co-founder of DigiChefs

Read on for the latest weekend-special series of informal chats with industry executives.

Deep Mehta

Mumbai: With the weekend upon us, IndianTelevision.com rolls over to the next in its series of informal, fun snippets that peek into the mind of corporate executives - akin to a virtual water cooler chat. An attempt to get to know the person behind the title a little better, by having them share their nuggets on life and their mantras to deal with the curveballs that life throws - not necessarily revolving around work life - and sometimes going beyond work.

This week, we have on the hot seat the co-founder of DigiChefs- an independent creative agency based out of Mumbai. Deep Mehta calls himself a passion-driven entrepreneur who “helps startups scale their topline”. Having started the agency with his co-founder Marmik Ajmera in the later part of 2015, they have grown almost organically to a team size of 65 people in these six plus years and worked with over 300 clients.

Here it goes:

-Your mantra for Life
There are three actually:
You miss 100 per cent of the shots you don't take
Use your "fear of failure" to do incredible things in life
Be kinder than is necessary

-A book you are currently reading/plan to read
The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel.

-Your fitness mantra, especially during the pandemic
Cycle your way to a fitter you.

-Your comfort food

-When the chips are down a quote/ philosophy that keeps you going
You didn't come this far to only come this far.

-Your guilty pleasure
Binge-watching movies & shows.

-When was the last time you tried something new?
I started playing table tennis (using a coach) last week. That's going great, enjoying every bit of it.

-A life lesson you learnt the hard way
Never let success make you complacent. Always be on the lookout for potential falls and work towards minimising them. Learned this the hard way when we were so confident (a tad bit overconfident) of our sales skills, that we stopped sales once our bandwidths were exhausted for a good two months. This, instead of constantly nurturing leads in those months so that we could onboard projects once we do hire talent or complete older projects.

-What gets you excited about life?
The very fact is that you can make mistakes, and it's completely okay, and, the sooner you fail, the faster you learn! You can only get better. This very thought gives me the confidence to keep taking bolder decisions and pick up more challenging work than we did yesterday.

-What’s on top of your bucket list?
Doing a Ski course in Gulmarg this coming winter.

-If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?
When in doubt, ask for help without hesitating too much. There are some genuinely good people out there waiting to help!

-One thing you would most like to change about the world
One: End civil wars/ fights and 
Two: Make people kinder towards the animals around us

-An activity that keeps you motivated / charged during tough times
Gardening! I have 76 plants at my home, and I take care of each of them.

-What lifts your spirits when life gets you down?
Talking to my best friend (and now my wife) Poonam.

-Your go-to stress buster
Listening to some lo-fi music.