Zing’s #NoBahanaDutyNibhana campaign encourages youth to vote

Zing’s #NoBahanaDutyNibhana campaign encourages youth to vote

Your vote isn't just your duty, it’s your responsibility.


Mumbai: India, the world's largest democracy, is gearing up for its grandest celebration of governance by the people – its Lok Sabha elections. The first leg kicked off on 19 April. However, a concerning issue gripping the country: low voter turnout at the electoral process, prevalent among both urban and rural youth.

To address this issue, Zing, the popular youth entertainment channel from Zee Network, has launched the #NoBahanaDutyNibhana campaign. The modern life of today’s youth is characterized by a fast pace with numerous commitments such as work, family, social engagements, and personal pursuits. Dealing with the paucity of time is a multifaceted issue influenced by a combination of personal, societal, and environmental factors.

People often prioritize and schedule important life events in the process, but voting does not receive the same attention. Using the device "Time Nahi Hai" to highlight the crucial importance of making time to exercise your fundamental right as a citizen. Zing’s campaign urges viewers to prioritize voting, acts as a reminder to its viewers of the phased Lok Sabha election dates by directing them to the Election Commission of India website, leveraging its reach on TV and social media.

Additionally, Zing will also be engaging with the youth on social media, through a series of activities to encourage voting and drive awareness using interactive polls, influencers, and informative content.

Your vote isn't just your duty, it’s your responsibility. Let's shape our future together. Go vote and let your voice be heard!



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