Worldline launches ‘Business Success Stories of Buland Bharat’ campaign

Worldline launches ‘Business Success Stories of Buland Bharat’ campaign

Altian Solutions crafts 'Buland Bharat' success stories, produced by Kadmus Showbiz.


Mumbai: Worldline (Euronext: WLN), has unveiled a digital campaign called ‘Business Success Stories of Buland Bharat’ featuring the unsung heroes of small and medium enterprises like Kirana stores, Groceries, Supermarkets, Electronics, Mobile, White goods, Bakeries, Quick Service Restaurants, Departmental Stores, Stationery and Pharmacies to embrace digital transformation using Worldline’s smart business solution available for Android POS – BOSS – Business Ka One Stop Shop. The new application will empower merchants with beyond-payment features to grow their profits and business.  

The campaign will feature a series of films of business owners from Bharat. The first two films take us through the journey of two business owners - Atul Kumar from Patna, who has been running his Kirana store for the past 15 years, and Jaya Shetty from Mumbai, who just took over her Udupi restaurant started by her grandfather. The two films dive into the day-to-day life of running their business and the challenges they face to grow their business and profits. It also highlights how using BOSS has helped them to overcome the challenges.

In the films, you can see how Atul Kumar grew his grocery business using the feature Khaata book and simplified reconciliation to manage his day-to-day financial tracking. On the otherhand, Jaya Shetty has grown her profits for the restaurant by opening up a new channel with the feature online menu and order management, all available on their Worldline Android PoS machine.

Conceptualised by Altian Solutions and produced by Kadmus Showbiz, the film captures the core of Bharat and showcases business owners looking to manage their day-to-day business needs – seamlessly, securely, and quickly in a hassle-free way.

Worldline  Senior vice president and head of marketing – India Rahul Sethi

“With the launch of our ‘Business Success Stories of Buland Bharat’ campaign, we are excited to showcase real business owners of Bharat. The campaign aims to highlight the zeal and passion of these business owners in managing their day-to-day functioning with existing challenges. It is also a tribute to their willingness to appreciate and endure the digital transformation to grow business and profits.

At Worldline, we have consistently worked towards empowering business owners. We proactively work towards identifying challenges and support them with innovative solutions to overcome them. The launch of the BOSS application, which is available on our smart Android PoS terminals, is a testament to address the real problems of business owners like Atul and Jaya.”