White Gold announces celebrity anchor Anushree as the new face of the brand

White Gold announces celebrity anchor Anushree as the new face of the brand

Recently launched campaign to deepen connections with valued customers.

White Gold

Mumbai: White Gold, South India’s largest gold-buying startup has announced popular television anchor Anushree as the new face of the brand. This exciting collaboration marks a significant milestone for White Gold as it continues to expand its presence and outreach in the Karnataka region. White Gold specializes in a wide range of services, including buying gold, releasing pledged gold, offering competitive market prices, and providing free gold valuation services at all its branches.

Anushree, a celebrated figure in Kannada television, rose to fame as one of South India's highest-paid anchors and actresses. Her journey began with hosting popular shows, and today, she is admired for her unwavering commitment to her profession and her warm personality.

As part of this partnership, Anushree will play a pivotal role in White Gold's advertising campaign, recently launched to deepen connections with valued customers. Additionally, White Gold is also a co-title sponsor of the "Dance Karnataka Dance (DKD)" show, hosted by Anushree and telecasted on Zee Kannada.

White Gold's advertising campaign, launched with great anticipation, aims to captivate audiences across Karnataka. Titled “Turn your Gold into Money”, the campaign embodies the brand's core values of trust, transparency, and customer-centricity. The campaign features heartwarming and relatable stories, of a hardworking tailor who can’t pay her house rent on time and a single mother’s plight to send her son to graduate college highlighting the value of selling gold to overcome challenges. Viewers will witness the brand's commitment to being an ideal partner to people during these times by providing the best prices for gold with the option of instant cash transactions.

Speaking about the collaboration and the campaign, White Gold founder and director Rahul Joseph said, "We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the renowned television anchor Anushree as the new face of White Gold. Her credibility and rapport with viewers align perfectly with White Gold's commitment to transparency and convenience. By executing this campaign, we strongly aim to bring forth the emotional and financial significance of gold in people's lives and its means to overcome challenges with self-respect. Anushree's presence in our campaign adds a unique charm that will resonate with viewers across South India, reaffirming White Gold as the ultimate destination for all their gold-selling needs."

Speaking about the partnership, anchor Anushree commented, "I am excited to join hands with White Gold as their brand ambassador. To me, White Gold's dedication to customer empowerment resonates the most. This collaboration is more than just a partnership – it's an opportunity to empower individuals with the knowledge they need for informed decisions regarding their precious gold assets and I am thrilled to be a part of this impactful campaign. Together, we hope to instil gold selling as a choice for people to overcome their challenges and realize every dream.”

The advertising campaign will air across multiple Kannada Satellite channels, including Colors Kannada, TV9, Public TV, Suvarna, and News First, amplifying its reach and impact. In addition to television commercials, the campaign will encompass a comprehensive digital and social media strategy, ensuring that it reaches a broad and engaged audience. As the campaign unfolds in the coming months, White Gold anticipates that it will not only resonate with existing customers but also attract new ones seeking a trustworthy and reliable partner in their gold-related endeavours.