To Bol or Not to Bol? Vicks Cough Drops and Oreo engage in a fun banter

To Bol or Not to Bol? Vicks Cough Drops and Oreo engage in a fun banter

The brand banter saw both the brands playing smartly with their respective catch-phrases.

Vicks Cough Drops

Mumbai: Vicks Cough Drops, the trusted brand known for giving India a khich khich free voice recently engaged in a quirky banter with Oreo, the brand known for sparking playful connections. Both the brands with their respective campaigns are seen showing their wholehearted support this cricket season. Although, Vicks Cough Drops and Oreo have a different approach, both are united by one main goal, to ensure that the team continues their winning streak!

Vicks Cough Drops recently launched their VicksKholIndiaBol anthem which invited 142 crore Indians to cheer the loudest for their teams because as per the brand when we unite our voices, nothing is impossible. While Vicks Cough Drops invited people to speak-up and cheer for their teams, surprisingly, Oreo promoted the opposite by asking its followers to not speak since that may jinx our chances of winning. The fun banter was kicked off by Vicks India, supported by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi and was then replied to by Oreo India.

The brand banter saw both the brands playing smartly with their respective catch-phrases – VicksKholIndiaBol and OreoBolaMatBol and winning hearts of cricket fans across the country

This is how it all started..


The repartee continued as Oreo further commented – “Haha Itna Kuch Kyu Bol Rahe ho @Vicks_India, Bina Kuch bole hi bohot kuch ho raha hai” Vicks Cough Drops was quick to respond,” For Someone Who Says “MAT BOLO” Aap Toh Kaafi Bol Rahe Hain. Vicks Ki Goli Li? ”


The brand banter didn’t end there as Oreo added to the exchange, “Only after we get what we’re all waiting for. Tab tak..” Vicks Cough Drops was quick to react to this with – “Aise Chauke Chhakke Dekh Ke You Should Change your MAUN VRAT Strategy”


As both the brands got chatty, the funny and engaging exchange left the cricket fans entertained and debating on whether To Bol or Not to Bol this cricket season.

Vicks Cough Drops has always been known for its iconic campaigns highlighting how it has enabled Indians to speak up in critical moments of life without any khich khich. This cricket season too, Vicks Cough Drops presented a fresh musical take on keeping the Cricket Fans at the center and giving them a khich khich free voice to cheer for their team. The VicksKholIndiaBol anthem was launched in October with the cricket icon Yuvraj Singh. The #VicksKholIndiaBol cheer anthem celebrates our nation’s boundless enthusiasm for cricket and aims to enable 142 crore Voice champions to cheer for their team this cricket season. To ensure no cheer goes unheard, Vicks Cough Drops launched special Indian Sign Language version of the #VicksKholIndiaBol Cheer Anthem in collaboration with ‘India Signing Hands’ - an organization dedicated to promoting Education, Awareness, and Accessibility for the Deaf Community in India.

Oreo is known for its messaging on “Stay Playful” through the past 11 years. Continuing from their playful messaging during cricket world cup last year, Oreo and world cup winning captain MS Dhoni have come together again with a new mantra this time. This year, their urge is to get a billion fans to not jinx the world cup by staying “shhh” and not talking about India’s chances. With a playful twist on superstitions that are deeply embedded in our sports culture, #OreoBolaMatBol is resonating with Indians across the country and nudging them to go quiet till we get what we all want – the final win!