The Sleep Company's #BeatTheHeat campaign to offer discounts based on yesterday’s highest temperature

The Sleep Company's #BeatTheHeat campaign to offer discounts based on yesterday’s highest temperature

An initiative to relieve heat wave woes & let everyone experience the smart luxe SnowTec mattress.


Mumbai: Over 37 cities across various states in India recorded temperatures over 45°C this weekend. The scorching heat wave has left people sweating across the country with no relief in sight. The Sleep Company, a comfort-tech brand, aims to rescue people during this tough time ensuring everyone gets the basic privilege of a good night's sleep.

High temperatures and humidity filled rooms make cozy environments sweaty and stinky, leading to allergies, nausea and sleeplessness, thereby impacting the overall health of individuals. Experts believe that deep sleep is only possible when the body temperature is low. The Sleep Company’s Smart Luxe SnowTec mattress is designed in such a way that the mattress regulates body temperature by managing heat and humidity, creating a cool sleeping environment. With over 2500 plus air channels to enhance airflow, the SnowTec cooler technology feels four to six degrees cooler. Its thermal conductivity is specifically designed to absorb extreme levels of heat and water vapour.

Patented with the SmartGRID technology combined with the cool SnowTec fabric, the mattress gives 25 per cent extra cooling, giving 10 plus more hours of undisturbed sleep. Besides, it intelligently adapts to the body shape and is soft where one needs comfort and firm where one needs support.

To help more people access this cooling technology, The Sleep Company has launched #BeatTheHeat campaign. Through this, the company is offering discounts based on the previous day’s highest temperature. The Sleep Company will monitor yesterday’s highest temperature and it will be captured.on their system and on placards in the retail stores across Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.. Customers can walk in or place an order through the website to enjoy these exciting offers throughout the day.

The Sleep Company co-founder Priyanka Salot said, “We deeply understand the challenges posed by the ongoing heat wave in India. The extreme temperatures, reaching over 45°C in many cities, significantly impact the quality of sleep and overall well-being of individuals. With the #BeatTheHeat campaign, we aim to make this technology accessible to everyone, offering discounts based on the highest temperature of the previous day. This initiative reflects our commitment to helping people combat the adverse effects of extreme heat and prioritize their sleep quality and overall well-being.”

Get rid of the heatwave and avail the discount on the Smart Luxe SnowTec mattress  in The Sleep Company’s store or website.