Radio City & Zuno General Insurance partnered for road awareness

Radio City & Zuno General Insurance partnered for road awareness

The partnership promoted awareness and urged drivers to follow essential safety measures.


Mumbai: Radio City and Zuno General Insurance, a new-age digital insurer, had partnered to raise awareness about the critical importance of road safety and also to encourage responsible driving practices for safer roads among the driver community. This road safety initiative by Zuno was being conducted in the month of January that was regarded as the National Road Safety Month (RSM) by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH), Govt. of India.

Radio City was the exclusive radio partner that highlighted the various aspects of road safety and created awareness through its radio channel and digital platforms.

In alignment with this year’s National Road Safety theme, "Be a road safety hero” and Zuno’s digital-first approach, Zuno General Insurance used Technology along with an interesting marketing campaign to drive home the message. The initiative also introduced the Zuno Driving Quotient challenge (ZDQ), encouraging individuals to download the Zuno app and assess their driving skills and get an objective score through the app.

The theme this year recognised those who improve traffic safety and aids assistance post-crash. It emphasizes on the key role driver community plays in making travel safer. Therefore, making it imperative on their part to adhere to all the safety measures outlined by the law enforcement authorities.

The campaign relied on Bollywood-driven pop culture in India to generate activation programmes in five key cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

In Bollywood style, Zuno has deployed some of the scary characters of Indian cinema across major signals in Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Bangalore & Hyderabad. These iconic characters engaged with citizens at specified long-duration signals in each city, urging them to follow traffic rules and raising awareness in their trademark style. They also encouraged people to download the Zuno App, take the 15 day Zuno Driving Quotient challenge and analyse their driving skills in order to receive an objective score.

Sharing his insights, Radio City CEO Ashit Kukian said, "Based on the 2022 – 2023 annual report published by MoRTH, the total number of road accidents reported in the year 2021 was 4,12,432 and hence, it is of paramount importance that social movements such as these are initiated to create an awareness regarding the magnitude of the problems in road safety. It was an honor for Radio City to be a part of such a noble campaign by Zuno General Insurance and we will use our concept of radigitalization  in future to spread the word far and wide!"

Zuno General Insurance MD and CEO Shanai Ghosh said, “Road safety is a shared responsibility and Zuno is committed to driving positive change on our roads.  Zuno’s partnership with Radio City,  India’s leading radio station aids in spreading further awareness and creating a lasting impression on the driver community in understanding their role in fostering safer roads in the country. It was our to promote safer driving habits while engaging the audience through a blend of curiosity and nostalgia. Our ‘Zuno Driving Quotient’ was an important step in raising awareness around good driving behaviour, correlation with road accidents and eventual positive impact on the society. We went a step beyond awareness, by using rewards to influence behavioural change. Everyone who engaged with it, was incentivized to drive better, thus making roads safer for people in India, leading to lower accidents and lower fatalities. For us, was not just a campaign but a movement to make India drive better with Zuno Driving Quotient”.