Protium's #VocalForLocal Diwali campaign highlights small businesses

Protium's #VocalForLocal Diwali campaign highlights small businesses

The campaign sought to rekindle the spirit of supporting local businesses.


Mumbai: As Diwali, the festival of lights, approached, Protium reaffirmed its commitment to the #VocalForLocal campaign, carrying forward the spirit that has ignited positive change over the past years. The campaign's essence revolved around the idea of encouraging individuals to embrace and support local businesses, with a special focus on micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), the backbone of our nation's economy.

Launched on 8 November, Protium's Diwali campaign seeked to rekindle the spirit of supporting local businesses, a concept that has gained momentum in recent years. The campaign kickstarted with a heartwarming video featuring a young girl making a conscious choice to shop at a local shop named "Diwali Chirags" instead of visiting malls or opting for big retail chains. This action not only echoed the campaign's message from the previous year but also served to underscore the powerful impact of individual choices on the livelihoods of local vendors. It aimed to inspire individuals to prioritize local businesses, fostering a deeper connection to the community, especially during festive seasons.

Protium, an advocate for MSMEs, is guided by a strong moral compass to support small businesses, which often grapple with the challenges posed by intense competition and the allure of more expensive alternatives. The core objective of the #VocalForLocal campaign was to empower and boost these enterprises by driving business in their direction. Protium’s Diwali campaign culminated in a fun celebration in which employees from across the organisation gathered to revel in the festival of lights, fostering a sense of community and support for small businesses. The highlight of the festivities was a vibrant Diwali Mela organized by the employees which echoed the campaign theme and showcased a diverse array of products and crafts, emphasizing the richness and uniqueness of offerings by local enterprises and artisans. This resounding success of the campaign underscored Protium's commitment to the #VocalForLocal principles, emphasizing that collective efforts truly empower small businesses and fortify our local economy.

The Diwali campaign symbolised Protium's commitment to nurturing local businesses, fostering community support, and igniting a sense of responsibility towards sustaining our economy at the grassroots level. In line with this commitment, Protium has chosen to lead by example. For their in-house decorations, they consciously opted to shop from local establishments. In doing so, Protium embraces the philosophy of "being the change they wish to see in the world." Protium believes that every small step contributes to the larger movement of supporting local enterprises and fostering a resilient, interconnected community.

This Diwali, Protium encouraged everyone to join the #VocalForLocal movement yet again and take a step towards supporting local businesses, not only during the festive season but as an enduring commitment. The brand believes that together, we can illuminate the path for small businesses to thrive and make our nation's economy even stronger.