Nu takes center stage with its debut marketing campaign

Nu takes center stage with its debut marketing campaign

Launches a 360-degree marketing campaign in traditional and digital channels.


Mumbai: Nu, one of India’s latest entrants in the premium consumer durables category, recently launched its first marketing campaign ‘Live Better’ to target aspiring Indians looking to upgrade their lives. Conceptualized on the brand’s philosophy of extending state-of-the-art technology, superior performance and outstanding design, the brand uses a multi-faceted marketing approach with pleasing visuals and relatable experiences to build a brand and product recall.

Nu has intricately leveraged both traditional and digital channels to make inroads with its audience. The brand is debuting its marketing initiatives with extensive OOH presence, newspaper advertisements and a nine-part series of advertising films featuring upcoming indie artist Namita Dubey elaborating on how Nu’s products, air conditioners, washing machines and televisions, extend the latest technology and unmatched performance to its customers, making premium consumer durable products available for all.

Commenting on the launch of the marketing campaign, Nu co-founder & CEO Khushnud Khan shared, “As a marque brand, Nu brings premium electronics within reach of Indians who aspire to ‘Live Better’. Our campaign is a testament to our innovative and creative spirit, embodying our brand values. We aim to showcase how Nu’s product range can make your life simpler, more convenient and helps you ‘Live Better’. We are thrilled with the amount of excitement and curiosity it is generating and captivating the minds of Indian consumers”

The brand films highlight key features of air conditioners, washing machines and televisions via everyday household scenarios. These films have been directed keeping in mind Nu’s primary target audience—aspiring Indians, who have been looking for premium solutions to elevate their everyday experiences.

Targeted at millennials in the urban settings of the country, the films take an amusing approach to reiterate how Nu’s products are stacked with superior intelligent features and boast product longevity even in harsh conditions.

Attempting to capture 20 per cent of the market share in the next three years, Nu recently made inroads in the Indian consumer durables space with the launch of air conditioners, televisions and washing machines. Attempting to target millennials, NU will help address the needs of aspiring Indian consumers who wish to opt for premium products and superior customer experience through their most trusted channels. The products are available on Amazon, Flipkart and trusted offline retail stores.