MyGlamm launches #SuperMakeupForASuperYou campaign

MyGlamm launches #SuperMakeupForASuperYou campaign

It aims to empower women to embrace their diverse identities.


Mumbai: MyGlamm, a D2C makeup brand has launched super successful franchise Super Serum Makeup with the campaign #SuperMakeupForSuperYou featuring actress, brand ambassador and investor, Shraddha Kapoor in a DVC, introducing four new products. The MyGlamm Super Makeup Range is an innovative collection of makeup products designed to cater to the multi-tasking lifestyle of today's empowered women, with a lineup of versatile beauty essentials that aim to redefine conventional makeup routines and empower users to express their unique identities effortlessly.

MyGlamm's latest DVC starring brand ambassador, Shraddha Kapoor highlights the Super Serum Makeup franchise with MyGlamm Super Makeup Range to #GlammUpLikeAStar, including the four new products - Super-Kohl Long Stay Kajal, Super-Lash Volumizing Mascara, Super-Duo Lipstick + Liquid Lipstick and Super-4 4-in-1 Liquid Lipstick Stack - groundbreaking products that combine the benefits of serum and makeup in one. With added SPF for protection, this product promises to revolutionize skincare-infused makeup routines in India, with the #SuperMakeupForASuperYou campaign.

Commenting on the launch, actress and MyGlamm brand ambassador and investor Shraddha Kapoor said, “As a woman constantly on the move, I understand the importance of makeup that keeps up with your busy lifestyle. The MyGlamm Super Makeup Range is tailored for women like us, offering versatile products that effortlessly transition from day to night. The #SuperMakeupForASuperYou is a belief that every woman is capable of embracing her inner superhero through the power of self-expression and confidence and I am super thrilled to be part of it.”

Good Brands Co CEO Sukhleen Aneja expressed her excitement about the launch, stating, "We are thrilled to introduce MyGlamm‘s Super Makeup Range, offering multi-functional makeup solutions for women who are juggling myriad roles within their lives. We aim to deliver versatile, high-performance products that resonate with the vibrant lifestyles of contemporary Indian women of today. With the Super Makeup Range, we are redefining makeup by offering innovative multi-tasking solutions that empower women  to express themselves effortlessly.”

The super range comprises four new products:

. Super-Kohl Long Stay Kajal - A versatile kajal that allows users to create smoky looks or achieve sharp precision, offering up to 24-hour stay. Priced at Rs.199

. Super-Lash Volumising Mascara - Featuring a unique 3-in-1 bubble wand design for lifting, curling, and volumizing lashes, delivering statement-worthy results. Priced at Rs.449

. Super-Duo Lipstick + Liquid Lipstick - A 2-in-1 lip-duo with office-friendly shades for the day and rich liquid lipstick for the evening, ensuring a seamless transition from desk to disco. Priced at Rs.499

. Super-4, 4-in-1 Liquid Lipstick Stack - A pocket-friendly stack of four shades of comfortable yet rich liquid lipsticks, offering up to 8-hour wear. Priced at Rs 699

The MyGlamm Super Makeup Range is specifically created for the Super-Nari of today, celebrating the multi-tasker extraordinaire who defies conventional norms and takes on various roles with ease. Whether you're a friend, sister, mother, or CEO, the Super Range is tailored to fit seamlessly into your diverse roles and lifestyles. With the #SuperMakeupForASuperYou campaign, MyGlamm aims to break free from pre-defined beauty standards and offer makeup solutions that adapt to the diverse needs of modern women.

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