Mudrex's Bitcoin Pizza Day campaign sparks crypto excitement

Mudrex's Bitcoin Pizza Day campaign sparks crypto excitement

Bitcoin Pizza Day is a momentous occasion that deserves recognition.


Mumbai: Mudrex distributed pizzas to over 300 startup tech companies in partnership with OvenStory around Bangalore and distributed pizzas in partnering with Via Milano to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day. As part of this initiative, Mudrex sent pizzas to approximately 300 startups and companies in and around Bengaluru, commemorating the evolution and widespread adoption of Bitcoin. Mudrex, known for its innovative approach to crypto investing, saw this as an opportunity to bring the community together and celebrate the remarkable journey of cryptocurrencies.

Pranjal Agarwal is a dynamic and accomplished marketing professional with over a decade of experience and a proven track record of driving growth, leading cross-functional teams, and delivering successful projects. His strategic mindset, leadership abilities, and entrepreneurial spirit make him a valuable asset in any organisation. He is deeply committed to solving business problems and is passionate about startups. He has a solid educational background, holding degrees from IIT Dhanbad and the Indian School of Business, specialising in Finance and Marketing. in an email interaction spoke to Pranjal Agarwal, VP of Brand Marketing at Mudrex who is a dynamic and accomplished marketing professional with over a decade of experience and a proven track record of driving growth, leading cross-functional teams, and delivering successful projects. And his educational background, holding degrees from IIT Dhanbad and the Indian School of Business, specialising in Finance and Marketing.

Edited Excerpts:

On the inspiration behind launching the Bitcoin Pizza Day campaign

At Mudrex, we saw Bitcoin Pizza Day as a momentous occasion that deserved recognition and celebration. It represented the birth of a new era, where a simple transaction paved the way for the global adoption of cryptocurrencies. We were inspired by the foresight of Laszlo Hanyecz, who made that purchase of two pizzas with 10,000 bitcoins, and we wanted to honour his contribution to the crypto space.

Through the campaign, our goal was to educate and engage our audience about the transformative power of cryptocurrencies. We wanted to highlight how this seemingly ordinary transaction had far-reaching implications, igniting a wave of innovation and shaping the future of finance. By launching this campaign, we aimed to bring together enthusiasts, investors, and newcomers to commemorate this milestone and reflect on the journey of cryptocurrencies.

On celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day contribute to raising awareness and promoting the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies

Celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day serves as an inspiration for us to pursue innovation and entrepreneurship within the crypto space. The event exemplifies the groundbreaking nature of cryptocurrency transactions and the potential it holds for disruption in various industries.

By acknowledging and celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day, we recognise a significant milestone in the history of cryptocurrencies. This event serves as a reminder of how a simple transaction profoundly impacted the development and acceptance of digital assets.

Bitcoin Pizza Day provided us with an opportunity to engage and educate crypto enthusiasts and welcome newcomers.

On choosing the partnering companies, OvenStory and Via Milano, for distributing pizza

To ensure the Bitcoin Pizza Day campaign’s success, we collaborated with OvenStory and Via Milano for pizza distribution. We considered their logistical capabilities and selected them for their ability to handle large orders and deliver promptly. Partnering with OvenStory, allowed us to create a memorable experience for participants and strengthen customer engagement. Additionally, through our collaboration with Via Milano and the distribution of approximately 100 pizzas, we received more than 100 unique sign-ups on the Mudrex app. The positive response to the event resulted in increased app installations, with over 200 sign-ups on the campaign day and 35% increase in organic installations throughout the week.

On leverage online channels such as Instagram, Email & Blogs, and LinkedIn to promote the event and generate awareness

We employed a comprehensive approach to promote the Bitcoin Pizza Day event and generate awareness through various online channels including Instagram, Email & Blogs, and LinkedIn.

On Instagram, we organised a social media giveaway, enticing participants with the promise of free pizza for commenting and tagging friends. Logistical constraints prevented us from fulfilling the pizza promise, however,  we proactively contacted applicants, offering them the choice of receiving Rs 500 worth of Bitcoin or an Amazon voucher. About 40 per cent of people chose Bitcoin over Amazon vouchers. This approach garnered significant attention and our page received an impressive reach of 218,000.

We targeted our existing user base and subscribers for email marketing and blogs. We sent out targeted emails informing them about the Bitcoin Pizza Day event, its significance, and how they could participate. We published and promoted informative articles and stories on our blog, creating anticipation and driving engagement to generate traffic and awareness among our audience.

On LinkedIn, we recognised the professional networking potential and connected with industry professionals, crypto enthusiasts, and potential partners. We shared regular updates about the Bitcoin Pizza Day event. We actively extend our reach to the platform’s professional audience by actively engaging in discussions and participating in industry conversations. This approach resulted in an impressive 100,000 LinkedIn impressions, indicating our strong brand presence on the platform.

On key learnings from executing the Bitcoin Pizza Day Campaign

At Mudrex, the Bitcoin Pizza Day Campaign provided valuable insights and key learnings. As we reflect on the campaign, we identified two essential areas for improvement:

The short timeline for planning and execution limited our ability to explore all potential channels and partnerships. To enhance future campaigns, we identified the need to understand and allocate more time for planning. Through this, we can thoroughly coordinate our efforts, explore a wider range of strategies, and maximise our reach and impact.

Looking back at the Bitcoin Pizza Day Campaign, we also recognised the potential of collaborating with influencers and thought leaders in the cryptocurrency and investment space. Partnering with relevant influencers could have amplified the campaign's reach and expanded our audience.

On the unexpected challenges or obstacles encountered during the campaign

During the Bitcoin Pizza Day Campaign, Mudrex faced several unexpected challenges, these became valuable learning experiences for our team. We encountered a short planning timeline, which limited our ability to fully explore all potential strategies and partnerships. Additionally, managing logistics and coordination for pizza distribution posed challenges, but we successfully overcame these obstacles through close collaboration with our partners and effective collaboration. These experiences have made us more adaptable and empowered us to anticipate and overcome future challenges.

On Mudrex’s plan to leverage its current momentum to drive further growth and market expansion

Mudrex has effectively utilised its current momentum to drive further growth and expand its market presence through various strategic initiatives. First and foremost, we have enhanced our platform's features to deliver a seamless investing experience, catering to the evolving needs of our users. Additionally, we have expanded our range of cryptocurrency offerings to accommodate the diverse preferences of investors, thereby widening our potential user base.

Furthermore, we have prioritised strengthening partnerships with key industry players to foster mutually beneficial collaborations. By leveraging these partnerships, we aim to facilitate knowledge-sharing and engage the community through educational resources and thought leadership content. Our educational initiatives, such as the WAGMI student community, the Flipenning newsletter, and the Satoshi GPT AI Chatbot, provide value to our users and attract new individuals to the platform. Additionally, we have organised webinars on topics like crypto tax and the importance of investing, further demonstrating our commitment to educating and empowering our community.

To drive geographical expansion, we have recently announced our entry into the European market. As a registered broker-dealer and crypto custodian within the European Union, Mudrex is positioned to become a leading global crypto-investing platform. We have successfully launched our flagship product, Coin Sets, in Italy and witnessed encouraging user traction. Committed to compliance, we have established an operational asset management (OAM) and a branch office in Milan, Italy. Looking ahead, we plan to launch the platform in Spain, Netherlands, and Germany.

In summary, Mudrex's strategy revolves around creating value for the community, expanding into new regions, and prioritising compliance. By constantly evolving our platform, fostering partnerships, and tapping into emerging markets, we are well-positioned to democratize crypto investing and make it accessible to everyone.

On unique value proposition or features does Mudrex offer its users

We are building Mudrex to make crypto investment easily accessible to aid retail investors who cover a significant portion of the investment world but are often overlooked. Today, our goal is to simplify crypto investments as much as possible for retail or everyday investors.

Mudrex advocates investing across themes and sectors, giving rise to our flagship product, Coin Sets. Through Coin Sets, investors can hold different tokens around themes in the crypto ecosystem. Investors can start their crypto journey with as low as $5 (around Rs 400). Users can even set up regular investments into Coin Sets through its SIP feature.

These Coin Sets are designed and curated by our in-house Mudrex team, who have over a decade of experience managing funds. The tokens in the Coin Set are also rebalanced every month to ensure better risk-adjusted returns to our users.

We have also recently unveiled a new product, Vault, where investors can park their money and earn 10% interest annually on their investments.

Mudrex aims to provide individuals access to low-risk and high-yield investment funds as reflected through our global users. Most of our users are from India, while others are spread across the US, Europe, and Southeast Asian markets.

On Mudrex's plan to sustain and accelerate its growth in the future

Mudrex plans to sustain and accelerate its growth through continuous platform enhancements, market expansion, strategic partnerships, education and community engagement, innovation, and regulatory compliance. These aspects form a flywheel strategy, where platform improvements attract more users, leading to increased partnerships and market expansion. The growing user base generates valuable feedback and data, enabling further enhancements and innovation.

Specific initiatives include providing the easiest and cheapest on-ramp and off-ramp for users in India and Italy, streamlining the process of converting fiat currency to crypto and vice versa. Mudrex has also developed a multilingual AI chatbot for crypto education, enabling users to receive information and guidance in their preferred language. The company has obtained a Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) license as a  virtual asset service provider, ensuring compliance and security for Indian customers. Additionally, Mudrex is expanding customer support and services to provide a seamless user experience.

These initiatives, combined with the flywheel strategy, position Mudrex as a leading global crypto-investing platform, democratising crypto-investing and making it accessible to everyone. By prioritising user experience, compliance, education, and support, Mudrex aims to create a thriving ecosystem that empowers individuals in the world of cryptocurrencies.