mCaffeine unveils a captivating campaign for its range of chocolate body lotions

mCaffeine unveils a captivating campaign for its range of chocolate body lotions

mCaffeine innovates beyond skincare, consistently meeting evolving consumer needs.


Mumbai: mCaffeine, a personal care brand, has unveiled its latest campaign, ‘Irresistibly Smooth,’ for its winter essentials — choco body lotions range. The campaign departs from the conventional route of portraying lotions as a product for pampering sessions. Instead, it emphasises the indulgent and sensory experience on offer.

mCaffeine has introduced its range of body lotions to elevate your skincare game this winter. The products not only moisturise the skin but, the irresistible aroma of these lotions, go above and beyond to add an extra layer of indulgence and give the consumer a unique sensory experience. In pursuit of this objective, the brand has created a film that highlights the captivating allure of lotions. The narrative centers around a couple enticed by the appealing Chocolate aroma, engaging in playful flirtation while contemplating the irresistibly soft and smooth skin that the product promises.

The campaign brilliantly captures the essence of the brand’s commitment to offering an indulgent skincare experience, where its product transforms a routine touch into a memorable and delightful moment. mCaffeine’s brand film boldly defies the traditional norms of promoting skincare products, making “Irresistibly Smooth” a distinctive campaign that breaks through the clutter.

mCaffeine CEO and co-founder Tarun Sharma said, “mCaffeine’s choco body lotions are a testament to our dedication to revolutionising the winter skincare and self-care experience. We used chocolate, which is long associated with indulgence, and harnessed its goodness to redefine how our consumers perceive and indulge in winter skincare. And the ‘Irresistibly Smooth’ campaign perfectly aligns with this commitment of ours. It not only invites everyone to revel in the magic of Chocolate aroma but also highlights the practicality of our range of lotions during winter, ensuring that the skin remains irresistibly smooth even in the coldest months.”

mCaffeine’s choco body lotions are made with 100 per cent pure cocoa butter, caffeine, sweet almond oil, and other skin-loving ingredients to nourish and moisturise your skin deeply, combating winter dryness and making it irresistibly soft and smooth. The range includes —

Choco body lotion infused with an irresistible chocolatey aroma

Choco body lotion with SPF 15 for sun protection

In addition to the aforementioned two body lotions, the brand also has coffee body lotion on offer.

The lightweight & non-greasy formula of these body lotions gets absorbed into the skin quickly. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, these lotions are suitable for all skin types, promote overall skin health and protect it from damage.

The range is available for purchase at, all major e-commerce platforms, and various retail outlets country-wide. Give in to your skin’s Chocolate cravings and elevate your ordinary skincare ritual into a truly indulgent experience.