Make every walk a ramp walk with Bata’s latest City Casual Collection

Make every walk a ramp walk with Bata’s latest City Casual Collection

Bata's latest campaign reveals an array of globally inspired styles.


Mumbai: As India enters into the festive mode, stepping out becomes more than just a necessity – it's a stylish occasion to dress up and transform every walk into a runway-worthy stride. Bata India proudly unveils its latest collection, bringing global fashion & premium designs to everyone in the country through their extensive retail network. Introducing on-trend styles such as block heels in colours like powder blue & soft pink, comfortable everyday shoes from Comfit in pastel hues, classic limited-edition white sneakers from North Star, trendy loafers from Red Label and much more! All this while staying true to the brand’s core commitment to exceptional comfort, Bata's City Casual Collection is designed to empower everyone to make a style statement wherever they go.

Bata India’s latest campaign is rooted in the insight that anyone can feel like a celebrity, all they need is self-confidence and a stylish pair of shoes. Bata envisions itself as people's partner in style, aiming to turn each step into a runway moment. So, as the festivities beckon, let Bata be your trusted partner to be style ready to ace all occasions.

To bring this concept to life, the brand has tied up with popular social media influencers who are widely known for their social personalities of being a rider, traveller, content creator, and actor respectively. [Vishaka Fulsunge (@ridergirlvishakha), Aakash Malhotra (@wanderwithsky), Jahnavi Dasetty (@mahathalli) & Raghavendra Mahat (@mahatofficial)]. Through this campaign, Bata has ingeniously given exclusive insight into their individual styles, which lie at the heart of their unique social personas. As they strut in style through city streets and hangout spots, their confidence turns every sidewalk into a runway, turning heads and getting noticed for their unique & confident style.

In a refreshing departure from traditional celebrity endorsements for this campaign, the film captures a captivating moment of surprise and admiration. It showcases everyday individuals confidently embracing their inner fashionista and expressing their unique style through their choice of footwear.

Speaking on the campaign, Bata India CEO & managing director Gunjan Shah said, “At Bata, we believe that innovation lies not just in the shoes we make but also in how we tell our story. The latest campaign for the new City Casual collection reflects our belief that style is not just about the shoes you wear but the individuality and confidence you exude with every step. Our novel collaboration with influencers as the face of the campaign brings a fresh and relatable perspective to our brand, resonating with today's style-conscious youngsters. It's a bold step, and we're excited to take it with you.”

FCB India executive creative director Arijit Sengupta, the creative agency behind the campaign added, "In the past, Bata has associated with celebrities to bring alive their campaigns, but this time they wanted to connect with the younger audiences. They wanted to bring alive the idea that Bata can turn every walk into a ramp walk and turn a regular individual into a fashion model. That's why we decided to get some of the most interesting social media influencers and added all that style to their everyday walks. Because when you wear a pair of Bata shoes, even a mundane stroll to fetch your americano can become a ramp walk."

The collection will be promoted through an integrated Marketing approach using multiple touchpoints such as Social Media, TV and offline promotions. Bata India's dynamic 360-degree campaign combines the strength of a mix of influencers pan-India with the exciting #RampWalkChallenge aimed to inspire confidence with every walk, a sprawling retail network with 2000+ stores, and a robust digital presence.