It's time we say #ItsNotOkMom, this Mother's Day

It's time we say #ItsNotOkMom, this Mother's Day

Friends Adult Diapers encourages youth to take notice of their mothers’ healths

Tonic Worldwide CSO Unmisha Bhatt

MUMBAI: While brands celebrate mothers and their eternal love for the family and children, this Mother’s Day, we encourage children to reprimand their Moms and tell them #ItsNotOkMom, its SOSi.

Mothers always keep us their number one priority and put their health in the least priority. With age, women go through multiple physical changes in their body, one of them being weakening of the muscles and other tissues that support the bladder. This results into a condition called ‘Stress Incontinence’ which is involuntary leakage during coughing, sneezing, laughing and other activities. Often these symptoms occur post multiple pregnancies too, at an early age in women and are ignored by them. According to a research done by Guna Associates in Uro-gynecology and Research for Incontinence (GAURI) - 3 out of 10 women, in the age group of 30 to 50 years, suffer from stress incontinence but aren’t aware of it. This is easily curable if detected and treated. However, most people miss doing this at an early stage.

With the objective of spreading awareness about this issue and making women and their families more aware and conscious, Friends Adult Diapers took up this cause and encourages young adults who are most concerned about the well being of their mothers to take notice and action.

Speaking about the campaign Nobel Hygiene vice president marketing and commerce Kartik Johari said, “We have always been enabling adults to live a carefree and happily independent life with Adult Diapers. While adult diapers are opted by caregivers for patients in extreme situations who are bed ridden or very old, there are people out there, who suffer from issues like stress incontinence and don’t know that they could resolve it and are currently using sanitary napkins and panty liners which isn’t the best option. Keeping the challenges and problem at hand, we have specially designed products for this issue called Friends Adult Insert Pads.”

Tonic Worldwide CSO Unmisha Bhatt said, “This campaign is a call out to all the caregivers, especially young adults to look at signs that go unnoticed and change the lives of their mothers. With the term SOSi, (Signs of Stress Incontinence) we intend to create a nomenclature and simplify identification of this lesser known problem.”