Father's Day: CEAT highlights in its #OneManManyRoles campaign father-daughter bonding

Father's Day: CEAT highlights in its #OneManManyRoles campaign father-daughter bonding

The campaign highlights many different hats that are donned by the caring father of a young daught


Mumbai: CEAT launched a new campaign #OneManManyRoles to celebrate the various roles fathers play to ensure their child is always safe.

Executed by Kinnect, the campaign resonates with the brand’s commitment to providing tyres that cover all the bases, are dependable, versatile, and stand for quality that inspires confidence.

The campaign film highlights many different hats that are donned, both literally and figuratively, by the caring father of a young daughter. There are several father-daughter moments shown in the film  – whether it is the father chauffeuring her as she continues her shopping spree and anxiously waiting outside to pick her up from a late night party, or being a sleuthing father who is curious to know her date’s name. He’s the one exhorting her to work harder when she falls short in a competition, or sharing the joy of her success, and is simply being there for her at every step.

A father’s resolute shouldering of these different roles, which is being celebrated by CEAT through this campaign, is also mirrored in CEAT’s continuing endeavour in providing a solid, reliable and safe drive with SecuraDrive SUV Tyres.

CEAT COO Arnab Banerjee said, “Father’s Day was an appropriate occasion for us to laud the many roles that a father plays to provide the support that his children need. We, at CEAT, are dedicated to playing our own role for our customers in making sure that our tyres provide the same level of confidence that a dedicated and caring father inspires in his children.”

Speaking of the campaign, Kinnect executive creative director Ashish Tambe said on the release of the film, “If the role of a father in a child’s life had to be expressed in two words, it would simply be - Being There. And often, this ‘being there’ is just assumed by default.  We’ve shed light on the diverse roles that fathers play to make sure they are always there for us. The film then connects how brand ‘CEAT’ plays a key role to facilitate Dads in ensuring safety, as they juggle these roles.”