Farmley's hilarious April Fools prank leaves netizens in splits

Farmley's hilarious April Fools prank leaves netizens in splits

The prank aimed to humorously highlight almonds' memory boosting health benefits.


Mumbai: In an endeavour that spread much cheer and laughter across the nation, Farmley, the wholesome snacking brand, recently undertook an April Fool’s Day prank by launching Brain Balm - a "memory boosting” roll-on balm made with almonds. The announcement had netizens cracking up over the product which promised to address slice-of-life instances like forgetting passwords, anniversaries, and even where one parked their car in a maze-like mall basement.



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The concept behind the prank was to playfully remind people of the often-overlooked health benefits of almonds for memory enhancement. The campaign's humorous approach, with taglines like "No More Forgetting Thousand Passwords Again" and "No More Forgetting to Soak Almonds in the Night," struck a chord with the audience and had them in stitches.

Farmley senior manager - social media & content Simran expressed delight at the campaign's reception, stating, "April Fool’s Day allows us to connect with our audience in a fun and engaging way. We wanted to use this opportunity to highlight the goodness of almonds in a light-hearted manner, and the response has been fantastic."

Farmley's diverse range of wholesome snacking options and authentic dry fruits and nuts are available on popular online commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Blinkit, Zepto, and Instamart, as well as in retail stores nationwide. The Brain Balm launch may have been a prank, but Farmley's unbending belief to keep innovating makes one just want to believe that they can make this happen too. Farmley is a wholesome snacking brand offering a wide range of products that integrate into different eating occasions as nutritious and delightfully tasty options.