Coca-Cola sparkles with 'Coke-er Shaathe Roj, Pujo’r Mahabhoj' for Durga Puja

Coca-Cola sparkles with 'Coke-er Shaathe Roj, Pujo’r Mahabhoj' for Durga Puja

Unveils a captivating campaign with Ogilvy celebrating Durga Puja grandeur in India


Mumbai: As India gears up for the vibrant and spirited festivities of Durga Puja, Coca-Cola in India is thrilled to announce its new festive campaign, “Coke-er Shaathe Roj, Pujo’r Mahabhoj”. The campaign is dedicated to celebrating the grandeur of Pujo, with a special focus on the joy of shared meals and festivities over a delicious Coke. The campaign's name, “Coke-er Shaathe Roj, Pujo’r Mahabhoj”, translates to 'Pujo's grand food/festivities along with a Coke,’ encapsulating the essence of the campaign.

The film is built on a diverse backdrop of five days of Durga Puja celebrations, where the cities gorge on lights, love, and delicacies and unlock new friendships.  To convey this idea with creativity and artistry, Coca-Cola launched an interesting, animated film titled 'THALA HOPPING’. The story unfolds on the surface of a table where an illustrated character comes to life as a chilled Coke is placed along with the sumptuous delights. The film charts the character’s journey of pandal hopping across the length of the table, offering a glimpse into a montage of special moments that will be created during the festival.

The campaign actively embraces and promotes art, music, and food, establishing a significant presence of Coke in cultural and culinary domains. Kolkata is already witnessing the colourful illustrations of Coke and food adorning its streets.

Commenting on the exciting new campaign, Arnab Roy, Vice President, Marketing Coca‑Cola India and South-West Asia, “Coca-Cola has always endeavoured to become a part of India’s cultural fabric. Our Durga Puja campaign is a passionate attempt to blend into the rich canvas of the ethnic traditions of Bengal. The heartening reception of our film has left us humbled and more committed than ever to continue celebrating and becoming an integral part of such diverse and vibrant cultural experiences.”

“Pujo is so much more than kaash phool, kolakuli and a customary Durga Puja jingle. It is a melting pot of flavours, characters and quirks. We didn’t just want to make a piece of communication that celebrates the generally accepted cliches of Pujo. For us, the real magic of Pujo lies in the minute brush strokes, the intricate moments of love and camaraderie. This film offers an unconventional perspective to Durga Puja celebrations. Seen yet unseen.”, remarked Sujoy Roy, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy.

This 360-degree campaign will be aired on social & other mediums, while the visuals have been integrated on-ground, for in-store experiences, out-of-home advertising, and print ads for comprehensive brand visibility.