CashKaro launches ThinkWomen campaign

CashKaro launches ThinkWomen campaign

This campaign uses a powerful story to show how Indian businesses are changing.

Swati Bhargava

Mumbai: As International Women's Day draws near, CashKaro announced its landmark campaign, "ThinkWomen", dedicated to recognising and honouring the impactful leadership roles of female founders. Slated to go live on 8 March 2024, CashKaro’s “ThinkWomen” campaign encourages brands to participate by changing their profile pictures to an image of their female founder, for the day. The initiative stands for a powerful tribute, highlighting the resilience, and brilliance of women leaders championing India’s journey towards a more inclusive and diverse business landscape.

This campaign uses a powerful story to show how Indian businesses are changing. It highlights the growing number of women leaders, shattering the image of a male-dominated world. By showcasing this rise in female power, the campaign emphasises the strong voices women now have in shaping the future of India's business landscape.

Commenting on this initiative, CashKaro & EarnKaro co-founder Swati Bhargava said, “International Women's Day marks a celebration of women's competence and achievements across diverse realms. Our ThinkWomen campaign is not just a tribute but a rallying call to empower women in all aspects of life. Their multifaceted qualities, unwavering determination, commitment, and pursuit of excellence equip them as effective decision-makers, including in entrepreneurship. This initiative celebrates the extraordinary potential of women and aims to inspire more ladies to embrace leadership roles confidently."

CashKaro has extended an invitation to prominent brands such as Nykaa, SUGAR Cosmetics, Mamaearth, Kiro Beauty, and VLCC, all of which enjoy the leadership of eminent businesswomen, to participate in this exciting initiative. The aim is for some of the country’s most outstanding brands to collectively recognize the indispensable role of women in the booming startup ecosystem and beyond. Through this campaign, CashKaro urges the business community to collectively honour the contributions of women leaders, in shaping the future of our entrepreneurial and economic landscapes.

The campaign has been launched across the brand’s social media properties including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube handles.