Brooke Bond Taj Mahal & Ogilvy come together to create history & a Guinness World Record

Brooke Bond Taj Mahal & Ogilvy come together to create history & a Guinness World Record

Have made the extraordinary Megh Santoor.

Taj Mahal

Mumbai: Indian classical music and its lore has the power to move people. Taj Mahal Tea shares a storied connection with this genre. As an expression of their passion for it, they partnered with their creative agency Ogilvy and made the extraordinary Megh Santoor. A one-of-a-kind musical installation in Vijayawada. Inspired by the rains and activated by them, the instrument was conferred a Guinness World Record for being the ‘Largest Environmentally Interactive Billboard’. The billboard measures 209 meter square in total surface area and achieved this record-breaking feat on 10 September.

Ogilvy India chief creative officers Kainaz Karmakar & Harshad Rajadhyaksha said, “We’re extremely proud of the Megh Santoor piece. It has taken months of planning, testing and failing, before we finally succeeded in making this happen. Taj and Indian classical music have been each other’s companions for very long now. We added rain to it for this experiment. We call it an experiment because it was filled with ‘what ifs’, with no guarantee of result until the day it rained, and the drops hit the keys and created music. Important to mention our Taj team at Unilever’s belief and support. Also, kudos to Fritz Gonzales, Jayesh Raut, Nikhil Mohan and his team at Ogilvy who saw it through from conception to execution. The world needs as much music as it can get and we’re happy to add our little bit to this.”

Hindustan Unilever beverages and foods head Shiva Krishnamurthy added, “We are thrilled to have ‘Megh Santoor’ recognized as the world’s largest environmentally interactive billboard by The Guinness Book of World Records. Vijayawada is one of the biggest citadels for Taj Mahal Tea, and creating this extraordinary experience is our way of extending heartfelt gratitude to the city in a way that fits us best, with Hindustani classical music! This achievement reflects our unwavering commitment to Hindustani classical music, the beautiful people of Vijayawada and to sheer tea enjoyment in the rains. We have created history, and we invite everyone to experience this extraordinary blend of art and technology.”

Megh Santoor is a unique adaptation of the traditional Santoor and is designed to play only when it rains. Using a clever arrangement of weights that fill up due to rainwater, it melodiously brings to life the Raag Malhar - a classical composition that celebrates the rainfall. In doing so, it transforms the ultimate muse into the ultimate master. The instrument currently installed outside Vijayawada Railway Station, will be up till 16 October 2023, allowing people to enjoy this first-of-its-kind concert till the monsoons fade away.