Bingo! Mad Angles now brings ‘Har problem ka MMMMad solution’

Bingo! Mad Angles now brings ‘Har problem ka MMMMad solution’

Launches a new TVC campaign along with a vibrant revamped packaging


Mumbai: Bingo! Mad Angles, a snacking brand of ITC Foods, is back with to tickle your humour bones with a new campaign on its revamped packaging.

This new campaign is all about urging one to tackle everyday problems with a dash of creativity and a mouthful of Bingo! Mad Angles. Through the new TVC, Bingo! Mad Angles unveils its refreshed packaging which embodies dynamism and caters to the GenZ. It has a bold and colourful Mad Angles logo in the centre, as well as vivid illustrations that help the brand stand out amongst its competitors.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the TVC features the brand’s new mantra by declaring Bingo! Mad Angles is Har problem ka MMMMad solution. Further, the TVC highlights the brand's unique personality with characters enjoy the product in an unusual setup - a quack doctor’s office. It also conveys brand's message of being unconventional, which encourages consumers to think outside the box and find new and creative ways to enjoy their lives.

Noodles and Pasta VP, head of marketing snacks Suresh Chand said, “Bingo! Mad Angles is known for its innovation, creativity and humour. With this new campaign and new pack, we're turning up the humour quotient to the maximum. We believe that everyone has the potential to think outside the box and creative solutions to their everyday problems and Bingo! Mad Angles just elevates the entire experience.”

Ogilvy South president and head of office Tithi Ghosh said, “Due to popular demand Mad Angles is back with a bang! Earlier ads for Mad Angles created certain iconic elements like the ‘MMMM’ and the rotating triangle. The most memorable work has always played with a duality - on the surface several laugh-out-aloud comic moments but for those who seek a little more there is always something cerebral tucked into the narrative. Our new ad focuses on taste and makes ’MMMM’ of the product stand out with all madness Mad Angles loyalists expect from the brand.”

The new pack will be available across India in four convenient packaging options: Rs 5, Rs 10, Rs 20, and Rs 50 packets, ensuring accessibility to consumers of various preferences and budgets.

Bingo! Mad Angles is coming up with something new to find out how the quack doctor cracked the code that Har problem ka solution is Mad Angles. Stay tuned!