Bajaj Almond Drops steers the hair care industry into the AI era

Bajaj Almond Drops steers the hair care industry into the AI era

Harnessing AI to paint a new picture of almond drops nourishment for hair & skin.


Mumbai: Adding an innovative twist to the narrative of almond nourishment, Bajaj Almond Drops has emerged as the pioneer in the hair care category, fusing the power of AI with creativity and mesmerising creatives.

In an artistic blend of tech and tradition, Bajaj Almond Drops presents three vibrant AI-created visuals depicting the nourishing power of Bajaj Almond Drops. Each image breathes life into the brand's mantra of Bajaj Almond Drops being a #SuperFoodForSuperYou.

The first image unfurls a stunning depiction of shiny, smooth hair, showcasing the nourishing potency of the Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil.

The second image depicts a story of skin, showing the softness achievable with Bajaj Almond Drops Moisturising Soap.

The third image lights up with a glowing face, a testament to the radiant effects of Bajaj Almond Drops offerings. 

With this bold move, Bajaj Almond Drops transforms itself into Super Food For Super You while leading the charge in digital creativity within the hair care category.

Schbang CEO & co-founder Akshay Gurnani said, “AI is propelling storytelling to a whole new dimension via a combination of smart visualisation and intricate prompts, which is enabling us to bring to life concepts like never before. To be associated with a legacy brand like Bajaj Almond Drops, which is among the first hair care brands to embrace AI, it’s truly an honour. After exploring various creative routes, we arrived at portraying the almond as that jewel that will help you achieve your hair and skin goals and brought it to life using Midjourney and Generative Fill in Photoshop.”

Bajaj Consumer Care marketing head Abhishek Prasad said, ”Our journey to become the first in the hair care category to embrace AI has been truly groundbreaking. The experimentation with AI has not just worked well but exceeded our expectations, breathing new life into how we portray the nourishment of Bajaj Almond Drops for hair and skin. The results are astounding -  as if we've unlocked a new language of creativity. We couldn't be more thrilled with the output and the innovative pathway it has paved for us.”