Allen Solly Juniors unveils #BeWhoYouWantToBe campaign

Allen Solly Juniors unveils #BeWhoYouWantToBe campaign

With this heartwarming campaign, the brand captures the essence of the aspirations of children

Allen Solly Juniors

Mumbai: Allen Solly, the smart casualwear brand from Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail, has launched a new campaign “#BeWhoYouWantToBe” specifically designed for children. This unique initiative underscores the brand’s commitment to fostering individualism and curiosity among youngsters, granting them the liberty to pursue their aspirations and hobbies. Allen Solly believes that by championing the authenticity of children, creative possibilities can be unlocked, contributing to the creation of a better and more enjoyable world for everyone.

The '#BeWhoYouWantToBe' campaign by Allen Solly Juniors is a captivating digital venture that celebrates the creativity and boundless imagination of children. It accentuates the perpetual evolution of children’s hopes and dreams, emphasizing that their ever-evolving responses to the question, "Who Do You Want To Be?" serve as a testament to their vibrant individuality.

Allen Solly COO Richa Pai expressed her thoughts on the campaign, stating, “Building upon Allen Solly's legacy of unconventional spirit, the #BeWhoYouWantToBe campaign for Allen Solly Juniors injects a vibrant twist into the brand’s dedication to celebrating children’s unfiltered ambition. By championing their individualism and curiosity, we are not merely inspiring kids to dream; we are equipping them with the wings to redefine those dreams. This campaign epitomizes our commitment to empowering the next generation to embrace authenticity, from style choices to aspirations.”

The #BeWhoYouWantToBe campaign video artfully captures the voices of today’s youth, featuring a diverse group of children confidently responding to the question, "Who Do You Want To Be Today?" Their answers not only showcase their distinct personalities but also offer a fresh and unconventional perspective on traditional professions. In this celebration of boundless ambitions, the aspirations range from the innovative and artistic to the daring and one-of-a-kind. For these unconventional juniors, being a CEO doesn’t merely signify chief executive officer; instead, it transforms into the imaginative role of chief earth officer. The film reflects the unconventionality of today’s juniors, highlighting how they playfully redefine and reimagine the world of professions.

Allen Solly Juniors’ new campaign is being amplified through an extensive media mix across platforms such as digital, social, and the retail store network.

Participate in the #BeWhoYouWantToBe campaign on Allen Solly's digital channels and join the celebration of boundless ambitions and distinct personalities of children.