A23 launches new brand campaign featuring Smriti Mandhana

A23 launches new brand campaign featuring Smriti Mandhana

A23 Cares promotes healthy online gaming practices, focusing on real-money games awareness

Smriti Mandhana

Mumbai: India’s leading multi-skilled gaming platform with more than 65 million registered users, A23 (Head Digital Works), launched its A23 Cares brand campaign featuring Indian women’s national team cricketer, Smriti Mandhana. A23 Cares is an initiative to raise awareness about healthy practices while playing online real-money games. This integration on A23 RMG platforms encourages self-control amongst gamers and further safeguards their interests. It enables all A23 users to place daily limits, set budgets and take regular breaks to enjoy online games in a healthy environment.

In the brand film, Smriti is portrayed in multiple facets of her day-to-day life which includes playing cricket matches, attending social events, training in the gym, travelling and engaging in brand shoots. In between a hectic schedule, she loses her energy and feels tired. This is when her coach asks her to take a break and rest, driving home the message that ‘sports ho ya gaming, balance dhoondna zaroori hai.’ The later part of the film showcases features in the A23 app that allows users to take breaks and set limits to play responsibly. With A23’s proven superiority in the online real-money gaming sector since the last 18 years, A23 Cares focuses on furthering the long-running ethos of the platform - to create a safe, secure and engaging user experience.

Commenting about the new campaign, Smriti Mandhana mentioned, “It is crucial to understand the importance of taking breaks and allowing your body and mind to refresh, be it playing online or offline. I am optimistic to see a positive impact of the A23 Cares initiative on the online gaming community. With a number of platforms available at our fingertips today, it is important to choose the ones that truly care for their users’ safety and well-being. ”

Digital Works VP of marketing, head Gunnidhi Singh Sareen said, “A23 Cares is launched with an intent to further our focus towards being a customer-centric gaming platform. This one-of-a-kind campaign will not only hit the right chords with all sports and gaming enthusiasts but will also deliver a message central to our functioning. Of being in the sector for more than 18 years now, A23 has set self-regulating benchmarks to inculcate safe gaming practices across the sector. As a company, we have a long-term strategy to create even more value for our users through initiatives like A23 Cares. "

The new 35-second ad highlights the importance of taking breaks and setting budgets while playing real-money online games. A23 Cares brand film is live across all major social, OTT, OLV and TV channels in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi and Malayalam.