Shah Rukh Khan’s 'SRK+' app runs out of ideas, thanks to Disney+ Hotstar

Shah Rukh Khan’s 'SRK+' app runs out of ideas, thanks to Disney+ Hotstar

The actor has released yet another creative that gets fans excited about his OTT collaboration.

Disney+ Hotstar

Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan is at it again! A day after building up buzz and keeping his fans guessing over the launch of his supposed new OTT venture ‘SRK+,’ the Bollywood superstar has released a video that takes the narrative further for the app. In what’s now clearly a collaboration between the actor and Disney+ Hotstar, the ideas are hilariously dismissed as having been already explored on the streaming platform.

The video sees the star with his reel manager discussing story ideas, trying to figure out new ideas for SRK+. This time around they are also accompanied by filmmaker Anurag Kashyap who pitches in with a couple of story ideas of his own. But they are all variously shot down because apparently the concepts for a film/web series have already been seen on the Disney+ Hotstar platform.

In the ad film, finally out of desperation, the actor demands to know if they have anything 'good' at all on hand, to which his manager consoles him by saying they do have an IPL team. Much to their consternation, Kashyap shoots this down by cheekily pointing out that the Disney+ Hotstar platform has the Tata IPL too!

Actor Ajaya Devgn too joined in the banter on social media by adding his two bits to it with a hilarious caption that read, “Sorry @iamsrk pehle bata dete, Rudra SRK+ pe hi release karta. Ab #ThodaRukShahRukh.”

Khan has been keeping his fans guessing about his big OTT move for a while now. The enjoyable ads created in partnership with Disney+ Hotstar have been garnering a lot of attention and eyeballs from netizens and industry colleagues alike. This latest one takes off from where he left off in September last year when the streamer released a promo on the superstar's alleged debut on OTT.

On Tuesday, SRK posted a message on his Instagram and Twitter handles, with the loaded caption: “Kuch kuch hone wala hai, OTT ki duniya mein”

 Celebrities like Salman Khan and Karan Johar had joined in the fun, too, congratulating Shah Rukh Khan on his supposed digital venture.