R K Swamy launches Amrit Mahotsav Campaign for finance ministry

R K Swamy launches Amrit Mahotsav Campaign for finance ministry

The song was composed by the duet Salim-Sulaiman.

R K Swamy

Mumbai: The ministry of finance has released a special music video called "Thank You" as part of the "Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav" celebrations, which mark the 75th anniversary of India's independence. 

The song was composed by the duet Salim-Sulaiman and has a star cast of singers in several languages. It was written and conceptualised by R K SWAMY. This music video stands out since it was created as originals in 11 languages and was originally rendered in each language.

The video is intended to recognise the contributions of everyone involved in the ministry as well as the workers in the banks, insurance, and other financial services sectors to nation-building and the fight against the Covid pandemic.

R K SWAMY executive creative director Sangeetha N said, “We wanted to break the clutter for these special people who never shut down their service even during Covid, so that the country could cope. We cast for talent in every language, and we have a lineup of the best of them. Remarkably, there was so much enthusiasm for this project from everyone. It shows in the genuine expression of gratitude we could capture both in the song and in the video.”

Music composer Salim Merchant commented, “This was a super special project for us. It was a privilege and an honour to be able to execute this on behalf of the ministry of finance. It was a special thought. It needed a magical expression. We were fortunate to get such good talent to participate. Hats off to Team R K SWAMY for their conception and management of this project.”