Pravis unveils two innovative services to leverage YouTube marketing

Pravis unveils two innovative services to leverage YouTube marketing

Services aimed at driving organic growth.


Mumbai: Pravis, a comprehensive growth marketing agency conceived by co-founders Vishal Gupta and Prashant Sinha, has announced the launch of two ground-breaking services focused on YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine. The services are aimed at driving organic growth, designed specifically to address crucial gaps in the market.

Pravis plays a pivotal role in enhancing brands' presence on YouTube through its specialized YouTube practice. The innovative tool is dedicated to measuring, increasing, and tracking a brand's Share of Voice on YouTube. The practice identifies a brand's share of voice and determines content strategies that resonate effectively with the target audience. This organic strategy promotes meaningful brand conversations, enhancing middle-of-funnel salience and seamlessly translating into improved engagement and customer conversions.

The second new offering from Pravis is the Content Factory that leverages its proprietary content science framework for enabling well researched video content creation at scale. The practice employees globally benchmarked tools and in-house analysis to identify fresh content creation that resonates with the brand’s target audience and drives performance.

The YouTube practice at Pravis is led by a dynamic team consisting of Gaurav Gupta, a 2X entrepreneur and IIM-A alumnus, who spearheads the role of driving YouTube as a solution for partner brands.  Anirban Naskar, an IIT-Delhi alumnus and ed-tech entrepreneur, who leads the growth marketing solution at Pravis. Yashika Mittal, with a background in Fork Media and Network 18, heads the Content Factory division, bringing her extensive experience in video production. This collective leadership, along with their diverse industry backgrounds have joined as partners and are instrumental in realizing Pravis's vision of organic and impactful digital marketing, aligning with the founding principles of reducing brand’s dependence on paid marketing.

Pravis co-founder Vishal Gupta said, “As brands seek to leverage regional language audiences and videos. We believe that YouTube is arguably the most important platform for brands to focus on. And our YouTube Practice enables brands to harness this platform more effectively.”

Pravis co-founder Prashant Sinha said, “With our Share of Voice on YouTube service, we aim to cultivate meaningful brand dialogues that resonate with the audience, translating into tangible and impactful growth. Furthermore, our unique Content Science framework is poised to be a game-changer for creating data driven video content at scale to drive effectiveness and efficiencies.  At Pravis, we're not just offering services, we're providing a new playbook for driving organic growth.”

Pravis is already providing its YouTube solutions to leading brands, such as Philips, Johnson & Johnson, Jovees, and Care Health Insurance.