Mastercard launches campaign with CRED to make high-value transactions

Mastercard launches campaign with CRED to make high-value transactions

Mastercard cardholders can use the CRED app to make seamless payments.


Mumbai: Mastercard and CRED on Monday launched a campaign that will enable Mastercard credit cardholders to make simple, secure tuition and rent payments for housing expenses using the CRED app.

Cardholders will enjoy the convenience of making high-value transactions such as rent payments or paying maintenance and school fees for any type of education, from primary school to university, from any mobile device while benefiting from additional liquidity and enjoying exclusive cashback and credit card rewards.

“By rewarding transactions and providing a seamless experience, we can enable more CRED members to use their cards for large value recurring transactions. Partnerships with ecosystem stakeholders like Mastercard encourage members to pay their monthly rent and education fee payments on their credit cards, enabling them to gain more credit card points and unlock greater liquidity. At CRED we are creating a system that strives to reward high trust and creditworthy individuals of India, inspiring others to be like them,” said Cred's representative Akshay Aedula.

Mastercard's Vice President- Digital Partnerships, South Asia, Aditya Murthy said, “Mastercard technology offers simplicity and safety to cardholders with every transaction. This partnership with CRED opens convenient, new payment possibilities on credit card spend for millions of mobile-first users and facilitates greater choice for Mastercard cardholders."

"Enabling high value, recurring transactions such as tuition and rent to be paid on credit cards will make strides in accelerating India’s transition to a less cash economy. Through Mastercard’s longstanding relationship with CRED, cardholders will enjoy more secure, seamless checkout experiences,” he added.