Logicserve Digital rebrands to LS Digital as a part of global expansion

Logicserve Digital rebrands to LS Digital as a part of global expansion

It announced key developments and future growth plans with private equity and inorganic expansion.

Logicserve Digital

Mumbai: Logicserve Digital unveiled its brand-new avatar, ‘LS Digital,’ to its customers and stakeholders. The shape and fluidity of the logo has been retained while changing the name from Logicserve Digital to LS Digital.

LS Digital founder and CEO Prasad Shejale said, “We firmly believe that the best-of-breed, founder-driven companies with huge expertise, potential, and desire to change the digital marketing transformation landscape need to come under one platform.”

He further explained, “We will call this platform ‘LS Digital.’ It retains the legacy of our brand with two letters (L and S) at the same time, it provides digital as a core proposition to our customers through merged entities across six areas: media, creative & communication, CX, data & insights, tools – Adtech & Martech, and tech innovations.”

This new avatar will help brands to enable and accelerate their digital marketing transformation to stay relevant to their ever-changing, digitally-enabled consumers. It will further expand its existing media capabilities and help better serve the Indian market while setting the stage to become a leader in the global digital marketing landscape. LS Digital currently serves clients in India, the Middle East and Africa.

The rebranding of Logicserve Digital to LS Digital has been synced with two major developments: 

Private equity through Florintree Advisors

Florintree Advisors, an alternative asset management firm known for funding startups such as ideaForge, Pharmeasy Wealthdesk, Freight Tiger, and FreshMenu, has also invested in LS Digital. The funds will be used to expand existing capabilities while also considering inorganic growth.

Florintree Advisors chairman Mathew Cyriac said, “LS Digital and Florintree shared the desire to build a leading global company out of India. This is a very exciting space, so our focus is to invest in existing capabilities and even acquire niche companies. It is a multi-stage deal with the commitment to infuse more funds as we move forward.”

Addition of Langoor Digital to LS Digital’s suite of Digital Marketing offerings

As a first step towards expanding its global footprint, LS Digital has onboarded digital-first creative agency Langoor to strengthen its service offerings for CX, digital design, and web3.0. Langoor expands LS Digital’s service offerings by allowing it to leverage its expertise in providing a better customer experience.

Adding to that, Prasad said, “LS Digital and Langoor share a very similar corporate vision of becoming an Indian global company. Coming together will enable us to achieve success on a much larger scale. Our core focus is on digital business growth for brands through media, creative, data & insights, and technology. While Langoor will focus majorly on the customer experience, enabling growth for our clients. Together, we will create transformative experiences for customers.”

Langoor CEO Venugopal Ganganna and COO Girisha Gowda added, “Digital marketing is in a constant state of change and innovation. Langoor’s DNA is about working out-of-the-box to deliver positive business outcomes. We are delighted to join LS Digital and look forward to scaling new heights.”

The merger of Langoor and LS Digital adds very strong service offerings under CX. Their ground-breaking projects in the metaverse have allowed some of the world's largest brands to test the waters in the metastore and web 3.0, gaining a competitive advantage in their respective industries.