Kantar launches Sensory eValuate in India as a part of its Innovation testing suite

Kantar launches Sensory eValuate in India as a part of its Innovation testing suite

Top analytics company launches Sensory eValuate in India as part of its innovation testing suite


Mumbai: - Having worked with marquee clients like, Loreal, Colgate Palmolive, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Diageo, and Unilever globally, Kantar, the world’s leading marketing data and analytics company announces the launch of Sensory eValuate in India as a part of Innovation testing suite. It uses sensory research to help evaluate consumer products using the human senses – touch, smell, sight, sound and hearing.

Strong brands generate superior shareholder returns, are more resilient in times of crisis and recover more quickly – those investing in innovation saw their brand value increase by 273 per cent. Innovation is the foundation for a brand’s growth and it’s imperative in challenging times, however, most innovation fails. As per Kantar’s Innovation Guide 2021, 15 per cent of new product launches contribute to top-line growth, however, only 20 per cent of new product launches survive. It is therefore more essential than ever to keep the consumer at the heart of product development and understand their modern-day pressure points and desires.

Driven by scientific expertise, Sensory eValuate helps to develop and optimise superior products; explore, design, or optimise new and existing products to drive consumer satisfaction, repeat purchase and brand loyalty – giving marketers the ability to protect and maximise the value of their brand equity. The solution covers a broad range of categories including food & beverage, fragrance, personal care and beauty, cleaning products, automotive, physical environments, and consumer goods. Catering to three critical stages of innovation aligned to growth - Identity, Build and Launch, Sensory eValuate provides insights through the process in a layered approach. The new offer complements other solutions from Kantar’s eValuate suite of innovation tools, including Idea eValuate, Concept eValuate, Pack eValuate and Product eValuate, to help clients identify growth opportunities. These solutions are highly flexible and can be customised according to client needs.

Speaking about Sensory eValuate, Kantar lead – innovation, South Asia, insights division Ranjana Gupta said, “Understanding what product formulation best meets expectations requires specific sensory expertise and methods. Sensory eValuate brings insight into the detailed attribute level of formulations, empowering the R&D capability within client organisations for the creation of the ultimate sensory experience. Understanding how flavour, fragrance, surfaces, or sounds interact with consumer perception is crucial for the success of a product. Getting these elements right has the power to positively impact brand equity, demand a premium price, create memories, and establish a sensory signature that underlies long-term success in the market. Complimenting this with salience and a congruent total offer is the secret.”

Kantar MD & chief client officer, South Asia, insights division Soumya Mohanty added, “Innovation requires continual, ongoing effort to ensure that your pipeline delivers the products that will create growth opportunities. Since 1998, Kantar BrandZ has consistently identified three qualities that are the hallmarks of the strongest brands- meaningful, different, and salient. With the launch of Sensory eValuate in India, brand owners will benefit from staying meaningfully different and ahead of the pack. With a 30-year history in sensory and technical innovation and a total of one million plus consumers surveyed across 90 markets, Kantar’s Sensory eValuate solution can revolutionise product development in India.”