How Indian travellers are finding value in sustainable travel

How Indian travellers are finding value in sustainable travel

75 per cent of Indian travellers find sustainable travel inspiring for everyday sustainability.

Mumbai: Indian travellers today are seeking mindful experiences that allow them to travel and discover new places while being conscious of the environment. According to’s Sustainable Travel Report 2024, travelling inspires 75 per cent of Indian travellers to be more sustainable in their everyday lives and 93 per work want to ensure that trips they’re taking over the next year are more mindful and environmentally conscious.

Balancing travel with environmental responsibility

The desire to travel sustainably is evident among Indian travellers as 76 per cent of Indian travellers feel the environmental impacts of travel are important to them. At the same time, they are also cognizant that their travel has a broader impact on the environment as well as the destinations they visit. 73 per cent of Indian travellers are most likely to recognise the impact of their travel on the natural environment followed by local economies (62 per cent) and local communities (50 per cent). Travellers are also looking at destinations that complement their desire to support local businesses, embrace different cultures and provide opportunities for walking, using bicycles or public transport for travel.

With World Environment Day around the corner, shares a list of destinations across India with a noteworthy number of accommodations with a credible third-party certification. From quaint coastal cities to cyclable towns, there’s a destination for every type of traveller that can help them have a more positive impact with their next trip, from check-in and beyond.

Top destinations with independent third-party sustainability certification in India*

Recognising the growing desire for mindful travel experiences, here are some of the destinations across India with the highest number of properties holding independent third-party sustainability certification (not ranked).











Silver linings to clouds of doubt around sustainability

New areas of research in this year’s report have found that Indian travellers who are adopting and making more mindful travel choices feel that more sustainable travel experiences are adding value to their trips. Additionally, they believe that the potential for countering environmental impacts of travel/tourism comes from travel services like airlines and hotels (42 per cent) as well as travellers (41 per cent) and major sites and apps (38 per cent). This acts as a silver lining that can support travellers in balancing the adventure of exploration while still making responsible choices.

●        The Best Version: 74 per cent of Indian travellers recognise that they are the best version of themselves when they travel more sustainably and consequently take home this positivity.

●        Feeling Inspired: 75 per cent feel that witnessing sustainable practices while travelling inspires them to be more sustainable in their everyday life.

●        Experiences: Local and Authentic: 95 per cent of Indians who did tours or activities for authentic, local and cultural experiences. Such local and cultural experiences help foster connections and take forward cultural exchange.

●        Shopping Choices: 94 per cent of travellers shopped at small and independent stores which helps them experience the unique options available within the locality, along with being able to support the livelihoods of small-scale entrepreneurs.

●        Conscious Travel Planning: 93 per cent of Indian travellers planned their trips so that they could walk, bike or take public transport allowing them to immerse themselves in the local experience completely. It also allows slowing down and taking in the culture, while being able to minimise the environmental impact. Additionally, 72 per cent of Indians also felt access to nature added value when staying at accommodations with sustainable practices.

According to country manager, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Indonesia Santosh Kumar “Today for Indian travellers, sustainable practices not only enhance their travel experience but also inspire them to adopt similar habits in their daily lives. There is a desire to have a positive impact, with travellers more forthcoming in exploring activities that are driven by sustainability, whether it is indulging in cultural experiences or exploring local markets. Through collective efforts and a shared vision for sustainable tourism, we at aim to make it easier to experience the world in a more mindful and responsible way.”