“Availability is the key to success for a FMCG product”: Deepender Singh

“Availability is the key to success for a FMCG product”: Deepender Singh

The startup delivers its mocktails through platforms like Amazon, Swiggy etc.

Deepender Singh

Mumbai: Swizzle is a Bengaluru-based new-age beverage startup. Founded in May 2019, Swizzle started as a specialist cocktail kit delivery startup, the company is making waves in the industry by offering a refreshing twist to traditional mocktails. What sets them apart is their commitment to using 100% natural ingredients making it India's first organic mocktail startup and providing consumers with a premium and authentic drink experience. The startup, founded by young visionaries, delivers its mocktails through popular platforms like Amazon, Swiggy minis and its own website, drinkswizzle.in. Swizzle also has its presence across various retails and MRPs across Bengaluru providing a better beverage experience to all.

The company has also concluded its pre-seed funding round, securing equity investment from four angel investors. This funding propels Swizzle forward in its mission to introduce a diverse lineup of premium mocktails. With this, Swizzle also has exciting plans on the horizon, including the introduction of canned mocktails for HoReCa and QSRs, a direct-to-consumer launch, and nationwide expansion. Their goal is to be present in over 1000 locations by August 2024, serving close to five lakh mocktails monthly.

Indiantelevision.com caught up with Swizzle co-founder Deepender Singh. In this conversation, Singh graciously shared valuable insights into the journey and vision of Swizzle.

Edited excerpts

On the journey of Swizzle from a cocktail kit delivery service to India's first 100% Natural mocktail startup been

Well it has been a fabulous journey so far with lots of ups and downs, but the one thing which kept us alive is to come up with the best solutions for the consumers. Whether it was freshly made Swizzle’s DIY cocktail kits or Swizzle’s RTD mocktails now, our vision to provide 100% Natural beverage has been steady. In the journey of 4 years we got various suggestions to use artificial ingredients and do the job traditionally how it is being done in the market, but we never explored that and did our R&D with the continuous feedback of our beloved customers. Today we’re proud to launch our authentic premium mocktails at an affordable price for a better world.

On some cultural aspects, Swizzle celebrate through its innovative offerings

India is land of vast varieties of Flora and Fauna which is our heritage and pride. We at Swizzle believe in utilising these resources from nature and giving back to nature for a sustainable ecosystem. It’s not about creating just a generational company, our vision to create a sustainable ecosystem for upcoming generations and a beautiful earth. Being a Co-founder of Swizzle I’m proud to say that I’m a part of this mission to utilise India’s heritage and deliver Made in India products for the global market.

On ensuring its products are both vegan and free from harmful chemicals

We don’t outsource the manufacturing of these flavours, we have done our R&D and developed our SOP”s which are followed strictly. In the whole process of manufacturing there is no involvement of chemicals or artificial ingredients. Every single ingredient we use is natural hence we’re able to deliver every single drink free from additives and chemicals.

On contributing to environmental sustainability through its packaging and operations

Our packaging includes a premium aluminium can which is eco-friendly and recyclable. Our aim is to produce Zero non-biodegradable waste in every stage of our process. While manufacturing we only generate fruits or herbs waste (biodegradable waste and good for nature) and then we pack it only in eco-friendly packaging options. Hence we’re creating an environmentally

sustainable business, from Nature for Nature.

On the rise of growing demand for immunity-boosting beverages amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a heightened awareness of the importance of maintaining a strong immune system. As people prioritise their health and well-being, they are turning to immunity-boosting beverages as a convenient and proactive way to support their immune systems and reduce the risk of illness.

On elaborating Swizzle's plans for nationwide expansion and the introduction of new products

Availability is the key to success for a FMCG product, and impactful marketing will help to generate the demand.

Swizzle mocktails are rapidly expanding their availability across Bangalore, with over 250 locations including 150 vending machines, Nature Basket stores, MRP outlets, and supermarkets. By August 2024, we aim to be accessible in over 1000 locations and plan to extend our reach to new cities, bolstering our distribution network.

To ensure convenience, we're partnering with quick delivery platforms like Instamart and Blinkit, ensuring our products are just a few clicks away and delivered within minutes.

With projected revenue of Rs 15 Crore for FY 25, driven by our presence in over 5000 locations, including 1500 retail stores across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Chennai, Swizzle is poised for significant growth and impact in the FMCG sector.