Rage Coffee rebrands its visual identity

Rage Coffee rebrands its visual identity

Unveils new logo, colors, aesthetics and packaging.

Rage Coffee

Mumbai: Homegrown FMCG brand Rage Coffee has announced the launch of its rebranded logo, colors, aesthetics, and packaging. The brand comes with a new visual identity to create a more enhanced connection with a wider and more evolved audience through this modern brand ambiance.

As one of the fastest-growing FMCG brands in India, Rage wants to create a more comprehensive community of consumers through some revamped brand touchpoints/creatives. The revamped creatives are designed to create more meaningful conversations, connections, and bonds with the evolved and diverse set of audiences that Rage Coffee caters to. A consistent theme that is ingrained with the changes is the reflection of the company’s achievements, success, and resilience. It also exhibits a sense of gratitude to all the loyal consumers who’ve helped the brand grow, said the statement.

The brand would still align with the already established brand identity, which reflects the energy, dynamism, and the virtues of learning and winning; basically, to never give up and be yourself – bold, straightforward, and ambitious, it added.

Commenting on the creative rebranding of the company, Rage Coffee founder and CEO Bharat Sethi said, “Rage has long been known as a highly passionate and lovable brand. We are a caffeine innovation brand that has disrupted the conventional coffee market with our trailblazing products.”

He added, “We are immensely grateful to be backed by a strong community of consumers. However, there was a tiny prejudice towards our target audience. We want to broaden our community perspective to include Rage as the premium coffee brand for all age groups. The revolutionary re-invention of the creatives will expand our brand's reach while remaining true to our existing brand identity and native DNA.”